You and Jensen arrive back to Jensen's Jared, Gen, Thomas and Shep were there as well. JJ kept looking at you, you wanted to give her a big hug and tell her that everything would be okay, but it wasn't.
You sit down and you look at your family and you try not to cry, but you felt the tears forming in the back of your eyes.
Danneel: So, your my adopted daughter?
You: Yes.
Jensen: Did JJ really run away?
You: Yes she did.
Danneel and Jensen kept asking you questions and you kept answering every one of them. Jared and Gen could see how this was hurting you.

After that, you were about to leave, JJ runs up to you and she pokes your hand and you look down at her.
You: What is it Jj?
JJ: Are you rwally my big sister?
You: I'm your adopted big sister, but you loved me like I was your actual sister.
JJ: Where are you going?
You: I don't know.
JJ: Stay here, big sister.
You look at JJ and she smiles at you, Danneel, Jensen and JJ would go to their doctor appointments and you would ask if their memories would come back. The answer "it could take, weeks,months,even years."
You wanted them to remember, you wanted them to remember who you were. They were slowly starting to remember some stuff, but you wish that they could wake up and be like "I remember!"

Later that night,
Everyone went to sleep and you made your wish. You wished that JJ, Danneel and Jensen got their memories back.

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