Justin's POV -

"AAAH" I screamed as I jumped out from my bed, I breathed heavily, my blankets were wet I was sweating so much. My mum, Scooter, Ryan G and Kenny came in with worried faces.

"What happened son?" My mum exclaimed coming over to me, dabbing my face with a towel Kenny gave.

I didn't want to tell them, "I had a nightmare." which was true, but they don't know what happened.

"About what!" Scooter asked.

"I don't know I just heard some screaming and growls that's all" Mum looked like she knew what I was dreaming about. Huh? Nah I'm probably just hallucinating, Ryan spoke up this time with a laugh "Ha-ha, I don't think it was a nightmare, I think it was a dream, look how much his sweating, I even heard some moans." He kept laughing like it was some Joke, but it was true I was... When I gave him a growl and a serious face he stopped. My mum gave him a glare and so did Scooter.

"Baby, go back to sleep ok, It was just a nightmare, don't worry about it, tomorrow were going back to Canada, but in a new home near your dad's and everything will be alright.." Said Mum trying to sooth me by stroking my hair. I sighed and closed my eyes, taking my mind of it, but I couldn't that girl with golden brown hair just kept popping in my head, I don't even know if she's real or not! I tried falling asleep, going into dreamland.. I think my mum left because she kissed my forehead and I didn't feel anything in my hair... And I was left there light snoring.

*The next morning*

Macey's POV-

"ERGH" I screeched slamming my alarm clock, I so have to change the ringtone, it was such a disturbance to my wonderful dream, that guy with hazel golden brown hair with some highlights of blonde, his fringe up like a quif. I smiled while thinking about him ... He looked pretty similar to someone.. Hm, wonder who, Oh well, his my mysterious guy now.

I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom, doing the normal toiletries stuff, I had a hot warm shower that took all my stress away, after that I decided to curl my hair today, usually I don't but today I felt like I had to... Strange.

I wore a purple/blue dress with a navy quarter sleeve top under and some grey boots with a white/creamish hair band. I took a look in the mirror but before going down to see the rest of the family I thought I'd introduced myself..

Name - Macey Tant

Age - 17

Friends - Hannah and Jess

Family - 2 brothers,

Older - 19, Dylan...

Younger - 15, Jamie twins with Miley, 15'.

Looks - brown, hazel long hair, light tan. 5 ft 6, hazel brown eyes.

I guess I'm a bit funny, cute; I like to have fun but also like some privacy. I'm not so social, I spend my time on twitter etc., watching TV, reading, listening to music, but I do love a little shopping at times and partying!

.. Back to the real word.

I skipped down the stairs greeted by Dylan and Jamie play fighting, gosh these boys!

"STOP!" they stopped. "MOVE, get out of my way!" they stared blankly and moved away. When I made my way to the kitchen, I heard them whisper "Bossy Boots" while snickering. I didn't turn around but I gave them the finger. My dad saw and gave me a look, I mouthed sorry and kissed his cheek and my mums. "Good Morning" Said my parents in unison. I heard the two twats still play fighting,

How can you play games now, it's the flipping' morning!

"Morning" I smiled.

I got my favourite cereal out of the cupboard... Coco Pops, its just heaven to me.

My dad was reading the newspaper and my mum was frying some bacon, we were all silently doing our thing, you could hear the boys in the background and the bacon sizzling.

Then my sister, Miley came in, stretching and yawning, she still hadn't gotten dressed.

"Morning" she said groggily. We all said a robotic 'Morning' back. Then my mum started the conversation and that's when the boys came in.

"We are having neighbours" My mum said happily. "There moving in, there's a boy around your age Macey an-"

"WHOO, he better be hot" I shouted, disrupting Mum. Dad glared at me, I looked away.

Everyone else giggled and Mum carried on,

"There's also his Mum, Pattie and also some other men and woman with them too." she explained.

Everyone started talking over each other saying things like 'Cool', 'Awesome'... 'That house is huge'... Blah.

The house next door is actually huge; well there are a lot of them so yeah. I just want to see the boy, my age, what's his name?! How does he look?! Is he cute?! Oh my god! I'm so glad I curled my hair and wore what I'm wearing. Ooh I got to go call Hannah and Jess! Eep...

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