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Small itty bitty, barely noticeable Author's Note: uh … how do I put this? I have never ever read Harry Potter. *winces as people gasp* Okay that's not completely true, I read half of the first, all of the second, and 70 pages of the sixth. All that is displayed in the following story is from other fanfictions that had such things in common. Like what Draco looks like, the classes for Hogwarts, the spelling of the names even. So … correct me when I say something like “Oh, God Draco has perrrtyy brown eyes!” or “Wow, Ron is soooo anorexic.” Anyway, this didn't turn out to be as short as I was hoping for an Author's Note.

 Edit: Guys. Seriously, I appreciate the input about Harry Potter at random times in the comments. Really, I do. Such things as "Ginny's a year younger" and "Luna's in Ravenclaw". I love you for it, I do. But I know these things. I have watched the movies, at least. Above in the Author's Note, I said to correct me when I'm wrong, but when I'm wrong. I have fixed all of the things that were confusing readers and edited as much as I have time for. I don't mean to sound rude, but I did some research before writing things. So, cool your nuts please.

I Was Dared to Love You (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

Chapter One: The Dare

            “I dare you to fake date Draco Malfoy,” Ginny whispered in low voice, as if the sleeping figures of Hermione and Luna would hear. Her eyes glittered evilly and she looked as if she had planned this since we began playing the muggle game properly named Truth or Dare. Which I wouldn’t put that action above her at all. It definitely is something Ginny Weasley would do. Especially to me.

            Me being who I am, I just stared at her. A small smirk of victory formed on the red head's freckled face, scrunching up her face to look downright ridiculous. Blast Ginny for knowing that I couldn't resist a dare, much the reason why I always chose it. But this—this was going too far. Draco Death-Eater-Poster-Child Malfoy? I mean he didn't look bad. That wasn't the issue here, as it never was when Malfoy was involved. It was the fact that my ongoing hatred towards the blonde was obvious. He was git and didn't know when to bloody shut up. The way he constantly yelled “mudblood” in Hermione's face, and quite frequently mine, was just bearable.

            I groaned and smashed my face into the maroon pillow on Ginny's bed, knowing I couldn't resist the urge to fake date anyone, at any time. Mumbling, I crushed my face further into the pillow, grinding my face uncomfortably into a button that was sewn on.

            “What was that, Violet?” Ginny giggled.

            My face snapped up, giving me whiplash. “I said fine!” The words were spoken a bit too loudly and Hermione stirred and threw a small decorative pillow at me, hitting me square in the nose. Falling backwards from the impact, I landed perfectly, butt first onto the floor.

            “Oww …” came my complaint.

            Ginny's perfectly straight hair peeked over the side of the bed. She gave me a small smile and said ever wittily, “Suck it up princess; you have a Slytherin to impress.”

            Bloody bat wings, what have I done?

-----| O,--,O (vampire?) (yes, vampire) |-----

            I woke up the next morning snuggled up against Ginny's plaid clad rear end. Giving a small yelp of disgust and surprise, I threw myself away. Only to land so nicely on top of Luna, who was cuddled next to the headboard as if was the softest thing in the world. Luna burst up, her hair a frizz of blonde and tuffs.

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