Chapter Two:Whaat?

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Anastasia's POV:

Country music streamed through the speakers of my phone as I brushed through my hair. I had to admit, I was a morning person. I was up before the sun rose in the sky no matter the day or the time I slept the night before. When I was little, my mom used to sit and drink her coffee while I watched the sun rise over the fields. Once I was satisfied with my hair's appearance, I slipped into a pair of high- waisted navy shorts and a flowy blue tank top.

I then glided down the stairs and opened the refrigerator. It had obviously been stocked for my arrival, and I was thankful for that. I plucked some fresh precut fruits and a vanilla yogurt from it before closing the door. I looked in a couple of drawers before I found a spoon. I sat down at the little,wooden, round table that was set with lively yellow place settings and began to eat as I paged through the folder I had been given the night before. There were profiles of all of the staff assigned to me. I felt dejected. There was no choice in my life, and I was bound to it unless I wanted to lose my life. Although, I sometimes wondered if I was even truly living. My schedule was strictly laid out and I let out a hopeless sigh as my eyes scanned the page. There was truly no escape from the mess I called my life.

At 7 o'clock sharp, the doorbell rang. I gently placed my dishes in the sink and trudged to open the door. As I slowly pulled the heavy wooden door open, I was met with a flamboyant face I had seen in my file. He grinned as he saw my face.

"Hello Gorgeous!," he exclaimed with a grin as he grabbed me in a hug as if he had known me his entire life.

I gave him a tight lipped smile as he broke the embrace.

"They failed to mention you were absolutely stunning,"he said as he walked around me studying me intently " just a trim here and an updated wardrobe and William won't be able to resist you!"

I furrowed my brow at that comment. His face fell and he turned to look at me.

"I know the truth," he said quietly " and I will surely be here as more of the 'gay best friend' role"." I am sure you already know who I am because of the file, but let me formally introduce myself ." He cleared his throat "I am Brendan Halls personal assistant, stylist and whatever else you need, within reason, at your service," he said in a mock French accent.

I smiled softly at those words. I hadn't been here long but he was already someone who was hard not to like and trust. Maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be so hard in the "big city".

"We best be going gorgeous ," he said glancing at his watch. "We have a tight schedule to keep so grab your house keys and other necessities and we will be on our way."

I did as I was told and grabbed my small black purse off of the granite countertop. I followed him out to the street where a big black Cadillac waited by the curb. Brendan grasped the door handle and opened it motioning for me to sit inside before going to the other side and buckling up. A curt nod to the driver allowed us to begin our day.

Our first stop was to a salon where my nails and toes were painted in a French manicure and my dirty blonde brown hair was trimmed enough to rid of dead ends.The stylist was a bubbly brunette who gushed on and on about "how beautiful" I was.

We stopped at a world-famous sandwich shop for lunch before heading back out. After a stop at the Coach store, where we spent enough to support a small village, Brendan drug me to a gourmet coffee shop. After grabbing an iced coffee, I stepped out of the door, and a man bumped into me. I was unprepared for the sight of two unmistakable green eyes.

AN : This is a combination of chapters the original  3,4,&5  ..  Some minor editing has taken place more to come eventually. More short updates coming soon 😉

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