Chapter 10

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Sarah came out of her room; she didn't question the screaming, the swearing, or the blood stains on Peter's shirt. She was used to death now.

"You okay?" Peter asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," she said.

At that second two slow knocks appeared at the door. Peter slowly tip toed to the door. He looked through the eyeglass in horror. Two men in black suits pointed a gun at the door.


Peter turned around with a fresh patch of red gooey blood at his stomach. The adrenaline rushed through him.

"Peter!" Sarah screamed.

"I'm ok just get two knives from the kitchen,and follow me," Peter winced.

Sarah did as Peter said. Peter hobbled down a mini hallway into a room that only had a tattered bed in it.

"Right here," he whispered.

As they opened the closet they heard another bang. The door flew open hitting the wall next to it. Peter put a finger to his mouth signaling Sarah not to talk.

All went silent. The only thing that could be heard was footsteps. Peter knew they were coming, and he knew he had to kill them. The only thing is he can't let his sister know he's a killer. He took the back of his knife, and hit it against her jaw. She slouched to the side.

The blood had stained his whole shirt now. He got dizzy. Suddenly the doors in front of him popped open, and he jumped out to whatever men were out there. He stabbed one of them in the stomach; he took his other knife, and slashed the last man in the neck. Blood squirted out onto Peter's face, and in his mouth. Peter smirked as the other one attempted to get to his feet.

"Who sent you here?" Peter screamed.

The man just spit in Peter's face. From anger, Peter grabbed onto the black handle if the knife, and twisted it back and forth.

"Ahh!" The mysterious man said.

"Now will you tell me?" Peter questioned.

The man just laughed. Peter grabbed the gun of the other guy who lay dead with puddles of blood circling him. Peter pointed the gun at the man. The last time he held a gun was when he shot his father. Instead he flipped the gun and, pointed the butt of the gun to the man's head. He took one swing, and the man fell over.

Peter took his unconscious body: he threw him in a tub that he had filled to the brim. The water woke the man up. Peter took the hair dryer laying on the floor, and held it above the tub.

"If you so much as move a muscle I'll fry you!" Peter threatened. As Peter talked he began to lose his balance, but he found his feet. "Who do you work for?"

"Fuck off kid," the man said.

Peter slapped him.

"I'm gonna ask you one more t...time!Peter said weakly.

"Can I have a paper and pen?"

"You have a finger, and the blood coming out of your stomach," Peter responded.

The man listened, and wrote the address. The room started to spin badly for Peter. The pain in his head was too strong. As the man began to write a name on the wall in his blood. Peter threw up on the bathroom ground. Then he fell, and was out in a second. He had dropped the blow dryer into the tub in his way down. The man in the black suit let out a cry. The sizzling noise of burning flesh filled the air. The man in the black suit was fried to death.

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