Chapter 1

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Amber POV:

Hi, my name is Amber Espinosa and am 14 years old. I am home schooled but next week I am starting my first day of high school as a freshmen on Monday and I'm really scared. What is high school going to be like? Will I have any friends? Well I guess we'll see in 4 days.

Sunday night:
I came down stars just to see Matt on his phone. Shocker.. "Matt why are you always in your phone?" I said. "I'm not always on my phone, I only am when you look at me." Matthew said.

i grabbed a bag of chips and went back up to my room. *matt opens room door* "hey, are you ok?" matt said sitting on my bed. "Ya I'm fine, why?" I said. "well you seem like somethings on your mind, you want to talk?" Matt said very nicely. "well actually, I'm a little nervous about going to school tomorrow." I said "oh that's right, your first day is tomorrow, we'll don't be you'll be just fine, I was and I was also very scared but just remember, I go to that school too." Matt said "ok well now that I know it's normal to get scared, I think I'll be good now, thanks Matt" I said.

Then I fell asleep, I don't know why but I was really tired. good thing I did too, I need to get my sleep for school tomorrow.

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