Chapter #13

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I awoken still in the statues office body exhausted but more starving the anything. The last time i ate was a few days ago right? I turned over carefully to look around his office.

My azz is killing me. Did he have to be so damn rough, he could have ripped me in two if he was to carry on like that much longer.

"You still haven't told me why i'm in this situation an not my brother?" Sighing he looked at me.

"You're 'brother' stole some thing's from me that was...very special to me"


"If i told you then one of us would end up dead" he said casually.

"Why?" Im very noisy to why i had to be taken.

"Ah ah, that's a Secret"

"If it's a secret then why did you tell me anything thus far?" I asked confused as to why he would even bother, if he was just going to annoy me with it.

"Because two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." -PLL.

I gulped.

Whatever he wasn't telling me was that bad? I'm very curious as to why my idiotic brother would do something like that...i think i just answered my own question.

"Logan c-can i have some foo-" a maid came in with a cart and stopped infront of his desk, i could practically taste the bacon, sausage, toast as the smell lingered around the room i gulped loudly, the maid set everything on a side table. When she finished she walked towards the door looked at me an smiled, Bowed at logan an took her leave, leaving the cart in place.

As badly as i wanted to i stopped myself from practically leaping into the food, i'd surely get punishment for it. I waited impatiently for the Italian psychopath to notice my existence still in the room as i glared at his head, i know he knew because the slightly crack of a smirk that played across his features an a low chuckle.

My stomach growled loudly as he closed some file he was reading. "Oh, are you hungry allen?" He looked at me an smiled like a true psychopath.

Really! What do you think?! I haven't eaten in days i'm pretty sure, i don't even know how i survived this long.

Instead i took the dumb victims approach "Y-yes" i said

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