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So, my daddy texted me and I know that big headed ass brother of mines told him about my tattoo. Honestly, I don't see what the real big deal is, It's just a tattoo. I'm getting another soon though so be watching out for it! Ah ha 😜 I'm a tattoo freak but I ain't gone go crazy if you know what I mean, you ever walk down the street and see females with tattoos all on they face? I have and it's disgusting.

Text From Daddy 😃😍☺️,
"Princess, call me!! Alright?"

I sighed and picked up my phone closing the room door and calling him back

Phone Convo with Daddy,
Daddy: Helluh?
Me: Aye, pops what's up?
Daddy: Aye, pops what's up? What happened to hey daddy how you doing daddy?
I laughed: Sorry, daddy.
Daddy: HAHAHAHAHA hell. What you doing?
Me: Laying down watching tv with King August
Daddy: Oh ok, so anything new going on with you? A boyfriend, what?
Me: You wanna know about my tattoo?
Daddy: Yup!
Me: *laughs* Yes, I got a tattoo. A small one it's no biggie
Daddy: Just be careful because, that shit can damage your body and I don't want you getting sick behind it. How'd your mom take it?
Me: She was mad at first
Daddy: Because we love you and only want the best for you. And, we know what these tattoos and shit can do because you got sensitive skin.
Me: Thanks daddy, it's getting late though! I'll be over tomorrow
Daddy: Alright, I love you
Me: I love you too
I hung up

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