Strong feelings

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"Bae..." I heard Jay say softly before shaking me.
I just pouted and cuddled closer but then she shook me again .
"Hmm?" I mumbled with out opening my eyes or moving
She chuckled alittle "come on bae wake up" she said kissing my forehead .

I pouted and sat up beside her while rubbing my eyes and then opening them.
When I finally opened them she smiled
"Good morning sunshine" she said holding my waist .
"Why did you wake me upppp?" I said in a cranky Whiny voice.
"Because it's it's 7:56 and you said you wake Aaron up at 8" she said laughing a little
Well now she knows I'm not a morning person.

"Oh thank you" I said smiling a little then climbing over her. " I'll be back"

"Aaron it's time for you to wake up honey" I said slowly pulling back his covers.
He smiled, he is always up on time but he likes it when I greet him in the morning
"Get up buddy Jas is taking you to your therapy" I told him before turning and heading back to my room

I couldn't help but smile at the fact that Jay was actually listening when I told her about my schedule with Aaron. Especially since Kyle didn't even care about my brother.

I entered the room and jay had already fell asleep again and looked so cute I smiled and posted a pic of her on my snapchat saying "bae is so cute 😍😘" then got back in bed with her.
As soon as I got in bed her arms wrapped around me and her head rested on my chest.

"Your boobs feel nice" she mumbled making me laugh
"Go back to sleep" I giggled and she did.

While she was asleep i couldn't seem to fall asleep again , I hate when that happens because I start thinking about things that are going on in my life.

Like maybe it's a mistake taking things slow. I'm starting to really really like her and we seem to have a lot of sexual temptations.... And I keep having very sexual thoughts but I don't want to rush I really like her and I want to get a deeper understanding of her and know her in everyway. it's just so complicated because I never had sexual temptations before and I have no idea how to handle them.

I played in her hair and she cuddled more still asleep. I could help but smile. She is just so cute she looked so peaceful. Soon I ended up browsing Instagram to busy myself until she woke up.

I was so busy laughing at a cat video I didn't even realize she woke up. she pecked my lips, getting my attention.
"Well hi" I giggled
She smiled "hi beautiful, whatcha doin?"
"I was on Instagram until you attacked me with love."
She pouted cutely "you didn't like my kisses?
I giggled "of course I did baby, are you hungry?"

Jay sat up "are you going to cook for me baby?"

I smiled "what would you like to eat?"

"You but we aren't rushing things" she said licking her lips.

I couldn't help but bite my lip i felt a little tingle inside as those raspy words smoothly left her lips.

She smiled "Imma go to the bathroom" she said getting up and walking to my bathroom which is connected to my room. I watched her walk remembering that she was shirtless. Even the back of her looked good she has back dimples.

The words she said before leaving kept circling through my mind. She just doesn't understand what she does to me. To distract myself I started to think about what to make for breakfast.


I couldn't help but laugh at Mel's reaction to what I said. She is so cute and innocent. I know she doesn't have any sexual experience what so ever. It kinda makes me even more attracted to her. I want to just surround her in my love. Yes I think I love her.... I know I know I am moving a little too fast I can't help it. I am the type of girl that falls fast. She is just so different from what I'm use to.

Where I'm from girls like it when you are disrespectful to them, they wear clothes that could pass as underwear,they have had sexual experiences at 12 and they want some all the time. Melanie is nothing like them. She is sweet and kind and beautiful and she dresses so cute and has great manners.

I walked out of the bathroom and she was sitting on her bed putting on her cat slippers.
"You ready to cook for me?" I asked and she smiled

"Of course I am" she giggled

We went down stairs and I couldn't help but admire her body as I've done a million times. I wonder how she looks with those clothes off. I bit my lip at the thought of it.

"So what are you making me?" I asked her watching her take things out of the fridge .

"I'm making French toast and sausage and eggs" she said turning on the stove

'Damn and she can cook' I thought

She giggled "yes I can"

Damn it now I'm saying stuff out loud

She cooked all of it and at it in front of me
"This looks delicious" I said not wasting any time before devouring it.

She giggled "it must've been good , I haven't even sat down yet... Do you want some more?"

After we both were done eating we went back upstairs and I laid on bed while she went to take a shower.

I was chilling when I got a text from my old girl
Tia: I haven't seen you in a while are you okay

Jay: I'm fine I moved

Tia: 😕 but that means I can't see my bae anymore

Jay: I'm not your bae. I broke up with you so long ago

Tia: *sends a naked picture* you're missing out on this .

Damn I couldn't help but stare at the picture. I have to admit Tia's body always made me feel some type of way. I bit my lip staring at the picture. I probably would still be with her if she wasn't sharing her body with other people I don't do that cheating shit.

I went to the picture and pressed the trash can but when it asked if I wanted to delete I just pressed cancel. I know it's wrong but if me and Mel are taking it slow imma need a little something to look at.

Tia: you like what you see?

She sent me 4 more naked pics in different poses. looking through them made me tingle down low. It's been a long time since I've had sex and just looking at her naked body turned me on. I saved all those pictures too then texted her

Jay: chill Tia we are over I don't want your naked pictures

Tia: you know you still want me and I still want you.. 😍😏😉 you might as well bring your sexy ass and your strap over here.

Jay: seriously Tia , I'm talking to somebody and I don't want you messing shit up

Tia: 💁 you just gonna end up leaving her because I'm the best sex you've ever had

Jay: it's not all about sex

Tia: that's what you say now 😘 remember that when you are staring at my pics tonight boo

I was going to respond but then Melanie walked out of the bath room full dressed with her hair curled and her make up . She looked beautiful.

I sat up and pulled her her on my lap "damn baby you are so beautiful" I said pecking her lips.

Seeing her automatically made me feel so guilty for saving those naked pics of Tia but I know I'm no going to. I love her I really think that I do.. it's just my temptations are so strong .

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