Chapter 1: Dumbledore's Daughter

I shooed the rat away from me. I hated thise wretched creatures, so very much. I ate the piece of bread that I had in my hand slowly. I didn't know when I would eat next. I glanced around me and saw a guy with a long white beard and wizard robe. He walked up to me.

"Elizabeth?" He asked, staring at me. I nodded. "Well, okay." He pulled out a long piece of parchment and began reading. "Elizabeth Carly Randell, you have been selected to attend Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. You will need a wand, robe, books and either a cat, frog or owl, which is optional. Do you accept?" He looked at me and I pulled out my notepad and pen.

~I can not talk. Do you still want me?~ I passed the note to the guy.

"Of course, just hold onto my arm," He said.

~Who are you?~ I wrote and handed it to him. He chuckled.  

"I am Albus Dumbldore, head of Hogwarts. YOu may call me Dumbledore, or Headmaster when we are at the school," Dumbledore said and I got up. I held onto his arm and suddlenly we were flying through the air. I couldn't even scream. As soon as it started, it ended. I held onto Dumbledore as he led me through a crowed ally. We walked up to a store that said "Wands and more" (A/N I don't know the actual name, and this sounded cool) and walked inside. A hurried little man came up to us.

"Oh, Headmaster, a new student I see, or do my eyes desive me?" The little man greeted Dumbledore, looking me over.

"Yes, she is and she needs a wand. What have you got?" Dumbledore asked. The man  hurried away and came back with a box, which he opened to reveal a beatiful wand. He handed it to me and I knew I needed this wand. "Perfect choice, Elizabeth," Dumbledore said. The little man grabbed my arm.

"I must warn you, very rare is this. This wand has brothers, brother 1, Voldemort, and the legendary Harry Potter is its second. You must be very careful," He warned and I squrimed out of his graps and followed Dumbledore out.

"You will get your robe at school, and book I already got for you. DO you want a cat, frog, or an owl?" Dumbledore asked, turning to me.

~An owl~ I wrote and handed to him. He nodded and led me to a pet shop, which he entered and came out soon after with a beatiful fawn colored owl with dark streaks and white stomach. She took my breath away and I grabbed the cage from Dumbledore. He chuckled and grabbed my arm. In seconds we were flying but came again to a new destination. A huge castle with a feild and three bubble blowers things, but much taller, on either side. I stared in awe and followed Dumbledore through the front gates. A chorus of 'Good evening, Headmaster Dumbledore' rang through the air.

"You may relax in my office for now, but at dinner you will be sorted with the first years. You will be year 5." Dumbledore said, leading me through the crowded hallways and to a secluded hallway. We walked up a spiral staircase and came to gargoyle. "Lemon-drops," Dumbledore said outloud, knowing I couldn't speak. I followed him into the office and looked around. A phoenix sat on a perch and a old looking hat sat on his desk.

~Oh, no. I have questions~ I wrote and handed the note to Dumbledore and his eyes sparkled.

"And those would be?" He asked.

~Who is Voldemort~ I handed him the note and his face twisted.

"Voldemort or He-who-should-not-be-named, is a very bad wizard." Dumbledore said.

~And this Harry Potter dude~

"Harry Potter is the only known person to survive Voldemort. He goes to this school, actually. Year 5, same as you," Dumbledore said, looking over his half-moon glasses.

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