Teddy White

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    Hello, beauties, I am Teddy White, also known as the criminal, White Claw. I am good with guns and knives as far as I know. Or I may suck.. OOH! Also, I took karate! HE-YA!

      Well, anyways, I have to finish robbing this bank then I'll tell you the rest of my, um, joyous life I guess you could call it.

      I take the money from the cash register and put it in my bag. Typical robbery. Take money, shoot the guy in the face, and shoot other random people. Or at least that's how I do it. I look at the guy and well, shoot him in the face. "Thanks, buddy," I whisper before checking my white leather suit and high heels, with  a white "robin" mask on to make sure I don't have any splattered red liquid that I call blood on it. It would be hard to come out. I smile and tug on my ponytail.

       I open the door to the gas station and walk out, whistling. I see cops pulling up and saying what they usually say, "PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND DROP THE BAG!!" One yells. I smirk.

"How about, no!" Then I start shooting rains of bullets. But they also fire back with twice is much fire. I dodge their bullets quite easily and shoot every single one of them. "Come on! Why don't y'all listen? I told you," I say, shaking my head before walking  off in triumph. I sense a bullet coming in my direction and I dodge it by bending back and doing a backflip. Holy.. Where did that come from? Is one of the cops still alive?  I see my money bag get cut open. I gasp and look at the hole and look around, seeing who did it. Okay, bastard where'd you go?

      I feel a hand go over my mouth as I frantically try to get out of this mans grip. I struggle furiously. I swear to God, if this asshole doesn't let me go.I step on the mans foot, and he lets go of me. I turn around and see.. Oh god. Red Hood? Are you kidding me? I start panicking and I leave my bag and start running. Okay, right now, I'll rather be a coward. This is Red Hood we are talking about! I breathe heavily and stare straight ahead, but I get slammed into a wall. I hit my head hard on the wall and fall onto the ground, seeing black dots full my vision. I let the darkness overwhelm me and I faint. Oh great job, Teddy. You screwed yourself again.

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