Chapter Thirty One-"So that's a yes?"

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~Dedicated to every girl's perfect dress~

Chapter Thirty-One

Have you ever felt conflicted? Like you know when you’re supposed to feel sad because you just broke up with your boyfriend but at the same time you’re ecstatic beyond belief? That’s how I felt and I wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing especially since I was out with Juliet Prom shopping. Juliet had called earlier that day and literally screamed my ear off because she had been asked to go with, no surprises, Chris Martin. And while I was happy for her, I was still a little envious too.

Juliet was getting her perfect fairy tale ending whereas I was still single, and yet I had gone through with a complete makeover to turn myself into someone popular just to get back at Matt, I was still alone like a nun. Was a part of me disappointed that I hadn’t been asked to Prom by anyone yet? Definitely, but I wasn’t going to let that disappointment rule my life. I could still have fun even if I went to Prom on my own. Oh who am I kidding?

“Let’s try Roses Boutique,” Juliet suggested, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I glanced up to the small boutique which was filled with dazzling Prom dresses and of course the most gorgeous of jewellery that were sitting under protective glass cases. Smiling, I nodded to Juliet who then hooked her arm through mine as she led me into the boutique. The door let out a small set of chimes, notifying everyone that we had arrived. I was hit with the smell of coffee and heard chatter of women. Glancing around, I noticed that the shop had a few girls from school, all going through the one-of-a-kind dresses before trying them out.

“Looks like everyone’s here for Prom,” I whispered under my breath.

Juliet nodded in agreement, “Totally. This place has the best dresses money can buy.”

A woman in her mid-thirties approached us with that whole cosmopolitan attitude and look about her. She was tall and wore a simple, black pencil skirt and a tight black coat around her small frame. Her wispy brown hair was pinned away from her face and she smiled a smile reserved for customers only.

“Hi,” she greeted in a sophisticated tone, “I’m Ariel. How may I help you ladies?”

“We’re here for Prom dresses,” Juliet answered, “everything is très belle.”

“Oh you speak French,” the woman cooed delightedly, “How wonderful!”

Juliet and I shared a look before grinning to ourselves like freaks. Times like this, I was glad that Juliet was fluent in French. No matter what the situation people always found her ability to speak the language of love so much more alluring than the fact that she could eat two plates of spaghetti and still ask for more. It was a hidden talent and Juliet made sure she used it to win over snobby people like Ariel.

“Yes thank you,” Juliet answered in a bored tone, “Now if you may, we’re looking for something elegant but at the same time will make us look sexy.”

The woman nodded, before she replied, “I have just the dresses! Come, we better hurry before anyone else gets to them.”

Ariel led us across the boutique towards a small, metal spiral staircase and then walked up to the second floor of the shop. Juliet gave me a grin as we followed her up to the second floor that had small leather sofas placed at one end of the floor while on the other side were rows of dresses still packed in their plastic bags. Turning to us with a proud look, Ariel smile widely and then began to lead us towards a rack filled with dresses.

“So tell me,” Ariel began, “what kind of dress would you like?”

Juliet sighed dreamily, “I want a gorgeous dress that’s long and whimsical…”

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