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Sangwoo walked back upstairs looking at his hammer with all of his love. He went ut to the store to grab a cake. A frozen one. With white icing and little red dots. Yall see where this is going.

He went to the store about to grab the cake when a kid name DEKU was grabbing the cake too.

"Oh, you can have it. Sorry sorry.. I'll um take this eh" he said while looking like a mess and fumbling around trying to find something.

Gon then walked behind DEKU and said roughly 

"Where's the cake DEKU" with an emphasis on DEKU.

"I let him take it. Sorry" he said pointing to Sangwoo and bowed at Gon.

"Sangwoo buddy long time no see let US have the cake." said Gon causally. 

"NO IT'S MINE" he hissed holding the cake protectively.

He runs with DEKU out of the store stealing the cake still frozen. He takes DEKU because he hates Gon and wants to torture him. When he tried to kidnap Gon he was too happy. Flashbacks come back. "Hi, Mister! You look kinda pale are you sick?" and "If you are sad you can hug me" he was literally being kidnapped tied up in his basement. Why was he friendly? He carries DEKU bridal style. He actually likes it and nuzzles his head into Sangwoo's chest. 

"Why do you like this?" Sangwoo asked actually being curious. 

"You feel loving like my father I never had, daddy."

"Ok, mommy" Sangwoo saith with a smirk.

Once they got home DEKU pinned Sangwoo against the wall. They started making out. Sangwoo was surprised at first having his mouth a little open. It was just enough time for DEKU to slip his tongue before. They heard a faint 

"Are you home sir. May I be released. I need to help Ereh kill all the titans."

"Shut it!" Sangwoo said breaking the kiss with DEKU. 

Some more 'unholy things' happened and now DEKU isn't a virgin.

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