chapter 3

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izzys pov

what do you mean you was kidnapped? whydidnt you come back earlier? dose scott know your back? as Jackson was throwing all theses questions at me, all i could think about was what i was going to say to scott when he found out im back, was i going to tell him the truth or have to lie to him?

Jackson please don't, i don't want to talk about it. 

sorry Izzy, im just rally glad to have you back. i wont let anything happen to you again, i promise.

thank you Jackson.

as we got closer to Jacksons house i don't know what to do, should i tell scott or let him get on with his life and not have to worry about me, i mean i bet he wouldnt let me leave his side if he found out im back, so i could change my last name and bored at the same school as Jackson and pretend im his little sister thats just come back from bording school. yeah thats what im going to do, so i just need to let Jackson know of my plan and hope he says yes which i think he will as he dosent like my brother anyway.

hey Jackson?

whay izzy? what do you want?

when you book me in for high school can you change my last name to yours and pretend im your baby sister thats just come back from bording school that noone knoes about because i dont want scott to know that im back as he will probably put me on lock down and wont let me leave the house or his side and i really dont want that at the moment i just want to be left alone.

yeah thats no problem with me baby sis.  

okayy, can i use some of your clothes to sleep in im really tired Jacky.

yeah just go get some, you can stay in my room tonight with me and i can sort your room out for tomorrow.

okayy no problem Jacky.

as i went up the stairs y phone started to ring...

privert number...  (izzy is bold)

hello? who is this?

hello bella, did you really think that you can run from me, i will always find you! when i get you back you will regret ever leaving in the first place!

(izzy ended the call)

as soon as i heard whos voice it was i ended the call, i dont want him to fine me again, ill tell peter in the morning as he is a werewolf and can fight him off when he trys to come after me. i wont go back, i hated that life and want to live one where i can be free...

as i enterd Jacksons room, i went though all his draws and looked for something comfy, as soon as i found the right things to wear, i got into his bed and waited for jackson to come into the room before i went to sleep as i know that the nightmares will start again after that phone call, im going to have to tell jackson about the phone call as i dont want him to be indanger of not knowing that the man that kdnapped me will be coming to take me back with him, and will try kill anyone in his way.



Heyya guys, im so sorry i havent updated in a long time!

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i will try to update more offten!

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