Niall Horan Imagine .

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New's were spreading all over the internet , about Niall kissing a girl in his tour . There were so many hate tweet's you got from fans saying , '' (Y/T/N) IT'S A GOOD THING THAT NIALL KISSED ANOTHER GIRL BECAUSE NIALL WOULDNT DATE AN UGLY FAT BITCH LIKE YOU !!!! '' . That tweet affected you the most , you knew you were not good enough for Niall but you loved him so much and he loved you too . Wait are you sure he loved you ? Or was he just playing with you all along ? . That question traveled all over your head and you burst out crying . Niall texted you that he will be back today , or so whatever . As you burst down crying , you felt this warm body leaning across your back . As you looked it was Niall '' What;s wrong princess ? Why are you crying ? .'' , You went to the kitchen ignoring him , you drank some water to help you stop crying and glared at Niall who was following you in the kitchen . '' Why would you do that Niall ? Why would you go and kiss that fucking bitch ?! , so this mean's im just your toy Niall ? Im sorry but I cant stand it , we are over Niall . '' You screamed to Niall and you shed a tear . '' (Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ? I was terribly drunk and I missed you ! You wouldnt think I would randomly kiss a girl right ? You already know that your my only one right ? Please (Y/N) dont leave me ! I LOVE YOU ! '' Niall said as he hug's you . '' Im sorry Niall , I just cant forgive someone who's been cheating on me , were through . '' You pushed Niall , you went to get your wallet , phone and your car key's you didnt bother to get your clothes  , you opened the door as you leave a crying Niall on the kitchen . You stopped by to Louis and Eleanor's flat , gladly Louis wasnt there he was out with the lad's so it's only Eleanor . You hugged her and cried on her chest , Eleanor was your bestfriend since you were kindergarten  ! She even hooked you and Niall , you alway's talk to her when you have problem's she's a kind person well not just kind ! She has alot of good traits . The next day you told El that you will go out to refresh your mind , you were there standing in there at the first place where you and Niall had your first date those happy moments and sad moments flashed to your mind , it makes you feel that you really miss Niall . You checked your phone , you had 10 messages from the boys ,  10 messages for Niall and 20 miss calls from Niall . This time you phone rang and as you looked it was Harry , '' Yo vas happenin '' . '' (Y/N) PLEASE COME HERE AT THE HOUSE RIGHT AWAY NIALL IS ACTING WEIRD AND STUFF HAPPEND PLEASE !!!!!! . '' You were in panic that you tripped and got hurt . You didn't care if your hurt , you just carry the pain along and went to your flat . You opened the door, Eleanor was there ! So shocking she was in her flat 20 minutes ago and it's a 40 minute drive from here , whatever . You saw Perrie , Danielle and all the lads . Harry noticed you first then followed by the girls and the lads , you sat down and asked all of them '' What happend ?? Why are you all here ?? .'' ''Now is not the time that you should ask (Y/N), Niall is locking himself in his room he wont come out and haven't eat anything and we heard crashes and still the door won't open ! . '' Louis said as put his hand's all over his face . '' Please (Y/N) please .... Save Niall ... '' Zayn said crying over his best pal . '' O-oh , ok I will try . '' You said and the girl's followed you to the room . '' Niall babe , I love you so much Niall . Your smile , your laugh your eyes, your hair, your personality, your perfect sense of humor… the definition of perfection.but the most of all the way you love me explains a lot more than anything. I'm sorry I got jealous of some twat  just please open the door Niall please .......'' You said to Niall and tear's were shredding on your face . Niall opened the door and let you in , nobody else . You saw the room so messy , the lamp on the ground , books on the ground , broken bulb's , shattered glasses and Niall on the bed . His pillow was so wet filled with all of his tears . You hugged Niall and cried '' I'm so sorry Niall if I wasn't jealous this wouldn't be happening I love you so much Niall I love you so so much . '' . '' I love you too (Y/N) I was drunk and I missed you so much that girl reminded me of you so I started talking to her but suddenly she kissed me and I didn't realize the paparazzi were there ! . ''  Niall said as he looks at you , he's red puffy eye's and sniffling nose . You kissed Niall so hard because you miss him so much . '' Im hungry what's for breakfast ? '' Niall said smiling . '' Wanna go to Nando's ? '' You said smirking . Niall chuckled and agreed you went Nando's with the lads with there girlfriend's of course  , that day when you came back you had a wonderful night ( ;) ) and on the next day , you were vomiting and keep vomiting until you went to the doctor , Niall was so worried what happend to you , he started gripping your hand when the doctor came out . '' Congratulations ! You have a baby in your stomach ! '' You were so happy and so is Niall he started jumping around and suddenly he kisses your stomach the sign the Niall loves you and your baby so much .

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , how is it ? xD . Please leave a comment if there are mistakes so I will know the next time I will make another imagine :)

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