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The score was 5-3 in favor of the orange team of course. My body was still warming up and getting used to the feeling. I was happy but my team weren't and they were not trying to even hide it one bit.

It was my turn to serve and I felt warm enough and ready to have fun. My opponent was a cocky boy and had nothing to show but a smirk om his face. He probably thought he was going to win. Even my coach's daughter played better than he did, poor guy.

I served an ace and Mrs. Humphrey clapped. She was the only one being positive and all, not sure about my other underlings.

The set ended in my favor it was now 5-4. The longer I played, the better I moved and hit.

He served and I returned the ball professionally. He sliced the ball and I ran to the net, anticipating the ball to curve left. I positioned myself as of to hit the ball really hard because that was what I always did earlier the game. He moved back expecting for me to hit to his left, as soon as he bent I instantly repositioned my racket to the front and hit it softly causing the ball to land near the net.

"5-5, deuce," the umpire announced and Mrs. Humphrey clapped happily. My opponent glared at me, all is fair in war and tennis bro.

We took a short break and I sat down on my side, drinking energy drink that my supportive intructor gave.

Everyone was now clapping and changing sides too quickly. They were babbling good things about me now and I disliked it.

I look to the spectators and saw boss lady already looking at me. To make it not awkward I mouthed, "should I lose this set?"

She quickly shook her head and I smirked. The umpire called for us and the next set came. I served first, giving him the first two points because why not. It makes me happy seeing him pissed off.

He became cocky again and I scoffed and I gave him another point, love to forty.

This was the first game of tennis I every played competitively. With mt coach it was always practice and practice even though I sometimes win and I just wanted to make the game last. I know it was rude to make fun of him but why not, atleast I'm making memories of my own.

The guy was not a good sport especially when I was starting to gain  points and eventually winning the set.

"5-6," the umpire called, in favor of my team of course. The sun had already set and the court lights were already on and I was famished.

The next set started and I had the advantage, just one more point and I'm going to eat.

He served and I returned. It became like that for a while until I was bored. Coach used to say never underestimate your opponent but that was what I did anyway.

He returned a high ball close to the net and I ran to it. My eyes looking up the ball and to my opponent, looking to see if he'd come close or farther away. If it was possible to laugh in court, that was what I did. The ball was now lower and he anticipated a soft hit but I did the opposite anyway and it landed just on the line.

The umpire called the match to be over, 5-7 and I shook hands with my opponent who gripped me and I returned.

Mrs. Humphrey cheered like a school girl and it made me smile.

"Wow, you are very good Cam. Have you decided on a countey yet? How about Greece or Japan oh wait, Rome sounds good too," she blabbered on. She was the one more excited for our trip. Wiping my sweat off my face, my underlings came over and congratulated me, even the boss lady.

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