So I'm including my new OC Marionette.Her real name is Diana.Here are some facts about her.

-she likes any kind of music except for folk and country(they suck ass)

-she's 19 years old

-she also had a marionette puppet named Mr.Oliver he has blonde hair with a navy blue hat on his head and a sailer uniform with black boots

-Marionette had been seduced by a 27 year old when she was 10 years old

-She's from Wokingham,Berkshire

-her only friend was Landon

-she has a fear of elevators like everytime when someone comes out she would scream and scare the living shit outta them

-her weapon is an axe but if she's not in the mood then she uses a pistol to make them dead fast which is in her pocket

-her hair is a raven black and her eyes are purple(what people can have purple eyes too)

-she has 19 other siblings and she's the 14th child

-her favorite band is The Agonist

And that's it

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