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        So I haven't uploaded an Author's Note in three months, and I wasn't planning on doing another one, but I've spent about six hours today editing Spiral and I have an important question. I figured the best way to get answers is by uploading another note! (Sorry if these annoy the crap out of you guys)

        So my plan for a while now has been to incorporate Rissa's backstory into the Spiral/Shattered duo. Aside from the six hours editing Spiral today, I also have spent a while beginning to write RIssa's backstory..and it's long.

        So far the backstory is around eight pages long, and it's only about a fifth of the way done. So, the question is...where should I put it?

        There are a few options. I can include it in the edited/expanded version of Spiral that is aimed to be published in mid-2015, or it can be included in the published version of Shattered (not the Wattpad version) that will be published 6-12 months after Spiral. Or, it can just not be included at all. The backstory includes how Rissa went from picture-perfect princess to the most feared Sorceress in Gregoria. It would be great if you guys could let me know in the comments what you would prefer: seeing the backstory as a part of the new Spiral, the new Shattered, or not at all (as in, you guys aren't really interested in knowing Rissa's backstory). Comment below and let me know! It would be great to hear your guys' opinions about what to do!

        Below is the first page of the backstory, just to give you guys an idea of what to expect!

        "Rissa was two years older than her brother, and had always been wise beyond her years. When she was a teenager, living in the castle with her brother and parents, she had been like any other princess. She rode horses with David, she ate lavish meals in the dining hall, she wore dresses with skirts larger than most of the villagers’ homes. She was happy all the time, excited about life, eager to find love, and never doubting that she would one day receive her happy ending.

            Then one day, her happy ending seemed to fall right into her outstretched arms.

            Before Dawn and Adriana had been born with their magnificent powers and abilities, the castle had been home to far more servants, since they were able to work there without being afraid for their lives if one of the small children decided they didn’t like their dinner. One young man had worked at the castle with his father since he was so small that he could barely manage to hold a broom. His name was Nathaniel, and he and Rissa had never seemed to cross paths before, seeing as he would often play with David when he had free time.

            Yet when Rissa was on the verge of her eighteenth birthday, she met Nathaniel in the kitchen as she was discussing the latest village gossip with the cooks.

            “Nathaniel!” Christine, the head cook, called out to the tall, handsome boy who descended down the stairs to take the garbage down to the dungeons, “Be a dear and take this tea up to the King and Queen. I know you’re awfully busy, but it would be such a service.”

            “Of course.” Nathaniel smiled at Christine. “I’ll be back after I take the garbage down.”

            “Thank you, darling.”

            Nathaniel started to walk past the group of women before tripping on the table leg and falling right at Rissa’s feet, spilling the garbage all around him.

            “I’m terribly sorry, miss.” He muttered as he stood up and started to collect the food peels and dust bunnies that littered the floor around him, “I didn’t mean—oh my. You’re Princess Rissa.” He immediately bowed, his face turning bright red. “I didn’t realize it was you. Please forgive me.”

            “Of course.” Rissa laughed, “I don’t require everyone to bow in my presence.”

            “Well, you’re certainly a breathtaking beauty.” Nathaniel smiled slightly, picking up the last apple skin and shoving it into his bag. “I must be off. Again, I apologize sincerely for my embarrassing actions.”

            “It’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.” Rissa smiled, “In fact, why don’t I accompany you down to the dungeons? Just to show you that I’m not above you in any way.”

            “Oh, goodness. I think I would enjoy that quite a lot.” A deep blush crept up Nathaniel’s cheeks.

            “Let’s be off.”"

        As always, thank you guys so much for all of your support and encouragement! Your votes, reads, and comments are always insanely appreciated. Spiral actually just hit 13k reads recently and I'm amazed! 

        Make sure to comment below with your opinion on Rissa's backstory!


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