Chapter 16

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"You sure about this sweets?" He whispered against my lips. "If your not tell me now darlin' because I don't think I'll be able to hold back".

Glancing up at him I bit my bottom lip "Then don't" I smiled my voice barely a whisper. I've never been more sure about anything in my life. I wanted this and I wanted Blaze to be the one to take it.

Sliding me down his body so I was back on my feet he stood at arms length just looking at me. "I could look at you all day sweetheart" Taking my hands in his he brought one up and gently placed a kiss on my palm.

Kiss me already

Glancing at him through my eyelashes I couldn't take my eyes off his. Letting go of my hand he slipped one arm around my waist pulling me against him, leaving no space between us.

Feeling his hardness through his jeans a gasp left my mouth. I knew he was big but he felt huge. Swallowing down my nerves I shakily moved my hands towards him so I could take off his cut. Letting my hands explore his chest a groan fell from his lips making the excitement in me grow. He was ripped, I could feel ever muscle tighten underneath my finger tips. I wanted to explore his body, every inch of it. Taking hold of the bottom of his t-shirt I tugged it up and over his head.

Licking my lips I stole a quick glance at him only to notice he hadn't took his eyes off me. He was watching my ever move, waiting patiently to see what I was going to do next. Standing now in only his jeans had me more nervous than before.

Watching him move his hand to the front of his jeans my hand quickly shot out grabbing a hold of his. "I want to do it" I whispered letting go of his hand and moving mine towards his button. Diverting my gaze from his I pulled the button hard, enough for it to pop open. His arousal was straining against his zipper dying to be released. Sinking my teeth into my bottom lip I let my hand stroke over his hardness.

"Ava" He hissed causing my head to snap up and drop my hands. Did I do something wrong?

Reading my unsaid question he grabbed both my hands and pulled me towards the bed, pushing my shoulder slightly my back hit the sheets beneath me. "Playing with fire gets your burnt sweets. Damn it Ava look at how hard I am" He growled before pulling his jeans off and throwing them into the corner.

Playing with fire? I thought he wanted this?

Crawling up the bed towards me his trademark smirk plastered on his face I gulped. "Did I do something wrong?" I asked not being able to take my eyes of the bulge in his boxers. He really was big. This was all new to me, I didn't know what was right and what was wrong. Hearing him chuckle made me frown. "Can't touch me like that unless you want me to finish early. We can't have that now can we?" He grinned grabbing a hold of both my ankles and pulling me towards him. Squealing slightly my breath caught in my throat as soon as his hand traced my thigh.

Not taking his eyes of me he inched his fingers closer to my area. Sliding his index finger down my slit my hips raised of the bed as my head fell backwards. What was that? Opening my legs wider I moaned as he done it again and again until I felt I couldn't take anymore. I was on a high, he was making me feel things I've never experienced before.

"Tell me if it gets too much baby" He whispered once again trailing his fingers over my spot. "So wet and I haven't even started yet". Hearing the faint sound of ripping I glanced down to see my now torn panties in his hand. Placing them against his face he inhaled before throwing them over his shoulder. Why did I find that sexy? He just inhaled my panties!! Giving me a panty dropping smile he dropped his head between my legs. Feeling the warmth of his tongue circle my clit my hips raised once more. Oh god

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