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Drip Drop, as the rain stops
Tik and Tok as the time never stops
But when the rain stopped, the sun
Rise and open to a
New dawn...

"Another dawn another beginning of the day...." Amber eyes circle the city. "The view is something else." Sighed the female as she wanders around for any familiar looks.

"Juuri-neesan! " The raven-haired boy came out of from a fancy limousine, Juuri smiled at this it was her younger brother Mokuba Kaiba.

"What's up buddy! How have you been! I miss you so much... Where's seto? Busy again?" The brunette guessed correctly when her brother nodded.

"Unfortunately yes, he's always busy but it's okay you have me to accompany you! And I'm good!"

"And I thank you for that Mokuba, come on let's go."

Drip Drop, once it's stabbed
The bleed will never end
Once the living is dead
I Will forever be at rest...

Juuri continues to hum the little tune that she made as a kid, The lass never says the word aloud because the lyrics for this melody are too gruesome for Mokuba to hear it.

Breathing in and breathing out
Once I stop breathing
So thus I will be at the end.

"Neesan... You're humming that creepy tune again..." Mokuba shivered and sighs tiredly as he still hasn't gotten used to her lullaby.

Juuri just smile at this and went about her day with her brothers in domino city wondering if there is any help that her brothers needs.

Tik Tok, time is not on your side
Better make haste to atone your lies
Or may death kiss your life

"I will make sweet words to this lullaby but it will take some time since I've grown love to the lyrics."

"Neesan are you emo again?"

"What the fu-- NO"


OHAYO hey hey hey nice to see you guys again hahaha but yes I know this is a short prologue but ill add more to it in chapter 1 but I do hope you like this prologue. And yes I know it sucks a lot but I just want to write to make me feel better...ig...

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