Chapter 9

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"Sarah go to the room I'll handle this you need to stay safe," Peter instructed.

Sarah listened to her older brother, and she went.

"Let us go!" Peter shouted.

"No we have never had the chance to have kids, and two orphans show up at our doorstep. You are angels from God sent to answer our prayers," Aunt Elma fiercely said.

Peter eyed the knife in the kitchen. He ran for it. Uncle Jeffrey ran after him. Peter got to it right before his uncle, and he made a big slash at his uncle's hand. Uncle Jeffrey screamed in pain on the ground. Peter raised the knife over his head, and dug the blade through is chest many times until Aunt Elma pulled him off. She took the knife from him.

"You little shit!" she screamed. "I'm gonna kill you!"

Peter jumped on her sending his aunt to the ground. He clutched her neck, and dug his nails into her flesh. She kicked and screamed; Peter was determined to kill this women. She stopped moving. Peter took the knife from her lifeless hand and took one last stab into her neck. He dragged the blood drenched bodies into the closest.

"Sarah I talked with Aunt Elma and Uncle Jeffrey. We had a very long talk, but they decided to let us go," Peter screamed.

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