Chapter Fourty Three

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You were waiting for Draco to return.

When you told your mother about your engagement, she freaked. She disapproved of Draco for what he was and because she had the impression that he was evil.

She wasn't home at the moment, and this was your chance to run away.

Draco had ran away from his home about two weeks ago and was staying at his family's winter mansion.

You nearly fainted when you found out he had a winter mansion.

Not even you!

You held the last of your belongings in a suit case.

All this time, Draco has been apparating back and forth, just moving your belongings to the winter mansion.

You stood up as you seen him come back.

He walked quickly towards you, his hair a mess.

"You're lucky that I love you!" He said.

You laughed as he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist. You clutched your luggage and you two apparated to the winter mansion.

It was beautiful!

You walked in, Draco's arm around your shoulder.

He led you upstairs to a rather large bedroom.

"I put your stuff here. It's our room." He said.

"Our room?" You looked at him.

His eyes twinkled as he smiled. "My mother gave us this mansion. It is to be our home now."

You smiled and he led you to another room. There were many wedding invitations stacked neatly on the table.

"Who have you invited?" You asked.

"Important people, duh! Including my mum. I invited our friends. There's still a couple left. I wasn't sure if you wanted to invite your mum.."

You shook your head. "She won't want to go."

Draco stood silent. 

You went over at the table and wrote names on the remainding invitations.

Draco walked over and looked.

"Harry Potter? Hermione Granger? The Weasley Family? And Amy Green? Hey, that's the one that moved to Beauxbatons, right?"

You nodded.

Draco kissed your cheek.


You just finished unpacking and putting your clothes away. Draco was fast asleep, curled up in a ball on the bed.

You changed into a nightgown and leaned against the bed post.

This was all so new to you.

You were actually living with Draco.

You smiled.

You looked at Draco. He looked so peaceful in his sleep.

He turned his head, left to right over and over.

His peaceful face turned into one of horror.

You touched his shoulder. "Draco."

He woke up with a start.

"Are you alright?"

He wiped his forehead. "I had a nightmare. About THIS." He lifted his sleeve, revealing his dark mark.

"We're going to have a family, (y/n). What am I going to do when our children ask 'what's on father's arm?' I don't want them to see me as a monster.."

You crawled into bed next to him and held him. He placed his head on your chest.

"That's not going to happen, Draco. You've changed. You weren't even evil to begin with. You never ever have to go back to that again."

It was silent for awhile.

"This is nice. It's our first night living together." Draco said.

You chuckled. "So far, I'm enjoying it."

Draco hugged you tightly. "I love you."

You hugged him back just as tight. "I love you more."

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