Hussain's pov !

Heart : hussain you love her ! Why you left her like this ? Get her ! She likes you too ! I know !

Brain : no ! Your brother loves her! He always gives you everything ! He did alot sacrifice only for you ! He always loved you ! Now its your turn !

Heart : she's not a thing to be sacrificed ! She's a human being ! And you love her ! You have to win her heart !

As usual my heart win! I was thinking how can i have her ? Yepp idea ! I will follow shehry try to apart them up !

I wore my black hoodie and black sunglasses so he doesn't recognized me ! I run out and call shehry !

Hussain : hey bro ?

Shehry : yeah ?

Hussain : where you at ?

Shehry : m actually walking toward starbucks !

Hussain : ohh okay !

Then i hurriedly end the call ! So he can't ask me anything! Then i took my bike and ride to the starbucks ! I went in and saw Amsal ! Sitting on a chair relaxing ! I was so mezmired by her looks ! She's perfect and MINE ! I know i'm being aggresive ! But what's mine its mine ! I saw shehry cuming in the starbucks ! I turned my face a lil and then hide with the news paper ! I was looking at them ! They were looking perfect together ! My anger is boiling ! They can't be together ! The have to break !

I took there pictures ! When they were looking striaght in each others eyes ! And when shehry holds amsal's hand ! Now my plan is have done ! I have to gotta out from here ! I hide my face a lil and walked out ! I can't see them together ! I know i'm going to break two hearts ! But whats mine its mine ! I was walking out when i bumped into a girl! I spill my all anger at her !

"DON'T YOU HAVE FREAKING EYES WHERE YOU GOING ? YOU IDIOT ! " I yell out at her and she got scared she was gonna run when i stop her and grab her wrist !

"I'm sorry ! I was lil angry on something ! And i can't stand in that ! See i'm so sorry! " i apologized to her ! She smiled and said "its okay ! " and walked away ! I was smiling too ! She was too humble ! Then i shake my head and get back to me plan !

Shehry's pov !

We were walking out from the starbucks ! We were having soo good time coz we have so much common!

She is so fun loving, hard party person and the most of all are she had so many crony jokes like me ! Now i'm loving her so hard ! Idk why ! Bur i'm falling for her ! I love her ! And now i'm too confident that i'll have her !

"Oye shehry ? " i laughed and nod my head in a yes ! She looked confused and asked "what ? " i tell her "its my accounts name that's why i laugh! She also start talking with her! She took her car keys out and start walking towards a car ! I asked her !

"Yahan se ghar bht nazdeek hai ! Tm phr bhi car main ayi ? " she laughed and sai "emmm actually i'm too lazy to walk ! And i hate walking ! Is liye khud ko fit rkhne k liye gyming krti hun ! "

I was amused what she said ! Then she asked me for the ride ! But i said no she forced me alot so i decided to take the ride with her ! She opened the door for me and smiled i sat in then she hop on the driving seat !

"You are a pure gentlemen ! Oh my goshhh your so charming ! " i was acting like a girl ! Coz she did a gentlemen's work and i'm impressed ! She smirk and hold my hand and said "thank you " then she wiggles her eye brows! I laughed ! Then she turned the radio on ! And then songs come up !

Wo humsafar tha magar us se humnawai na thi ....!
Yun dhopp chaun ka alaaam raha judai na thi !
Wo humsafar tha !

I looked at her face! Her facial striaghten up ! She looked sad ! And i'm feeling worst ! Her eyes are started to pool up with the tears! I clicked the button and song changed and the awkward thing its chittiyan kalayian !

Maan jaaa we mainu shopping karade !
Maan jaaa we romantic picture dekha de !
Requstaann payan nw !
Chittiyan kallayian de ! Oo mahi main tere se hi layan weeee !

She turned her face towards me and looked at me with teary eyes ! She smiled and start to sing with it ! And her punjabi accent is so strong ! When done with singing i asked her ! "Itna strong punjabi accent kaise tm tou islamabad main rehtin thin!!"

"Ohhh wo actually papa urdu speaking hain and maa punjaban ! So i'm mix ! Half punjabi and half urdu speaking ! Ghar main nokar bolte the tou agayi bolni ! Khoon main tou waise thi ! Waise bhi meri ek khala thin wo new york shift hogayin unka ek beta tha uski punjabi bht achi thi us se bhi seekhi ! " she tells her whole thing and we arrived she parked her car and i hop out from the car ! I was heading home ! Then i remember i forget to take her photo or selfie with her ! I call her name ! "Amzy ? " i turned and she asked "what ? "

I shyly said "mind if take a selfie aith you ? " she replied " no i don't mind ! " and showed her perfect white teeth! I ran and took some selfies with her and damn she's so photogenic ! Oh i forget she's a model ! I wave my bye to her and head to the home !

Amsal's pov !

I went in and open the door and saw mona sitting on the sofa ! When she saw she get up and walk over to me and ask " tm shehry k sath gayi thi ? " i shook my head in a no ! She smirked and said " awwww you both went on a date and didn't tell me ! " then she hugged me i was confused and then i hold her shoulders and tell her "theres nothing going on ! And i can't bare the pain to love someone again ! I can't love any one ! And he's too good for me and i can't stand that ! " she opened her mouth to say something but in instead she hugged me tyt and whisper in mye ear " one day he will mend your heart by his love ! You can't see but i do see the love in his eyes ! He loves you i know ! And i want you to be happy ! " i didn't said word just hug her tyt ! And walked to the kitchen i ask her to sleep in my house ! We have to talk alot ! She noded ! We were talking about our old days ! She was so sleepy so she went to sleep in the 3rd bedroom and i was lying in my bed and thinking about how shehry was looking today ! The way we are same ! The way he smiles ! I was so shocked coz mostly off nights i was always thinking about Zayan ! How he was and all that ! I can't love shehry ! He deserve some one better we are just friends ! Nothing else ! I respect his love coz its one sided but he always deserve some one better than me !

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