"Babe I've got to go into work." Parrish said waking me from a well needed nap.

"I know I'll see you later." Sitting up and stretching.

"I'll stop by later?" He said putting his shirt on and raising his eyebrows at me.

"Hahah sure maybe you should bring a toothbrush and stuff this time." I said and he chuckled giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"Hey Lacey?" He said as I got up and brushed my hair.


"Please be careful and call me if you need anything. And lock the door." He said sternly.

"Jordan I can handle myself you know." I replied smiling.

"Lacey I'm serious. I can't lose you. Not now, not ever." He said closing the distance between us and placing his hands on either side of my face.

"You won't Jordan, I'm not going anywhere." I said and ran a hand through his hair.

My phone buzzed and I quickly read the text from Lydia.

"Well it looks like I'm coming to work with you." I said throwing on the first thing I could find.

"Why what happened?" Jordan asked me grabbing his keys.

"They found the last of the dead pool, they need you to look something up for them." I said closing my phone and following him out the door.

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