I was DRUNK!?!

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Hey guys! this is just a story about peer pressure i had to write for school. enjoy!!! :P x

I was DRUNK?!?


I walked into the canteen and bought an apple. i picked up a bap but then decided against it. Since I started hanging round Dana and Lana, I didnt really eat. They didnt eat anything but a piece of fruit and they only ever drank water at school, they were cheerleaders, in fact Dana was the captian. They were the popular girls of the school and EVERYONE wanted to hang with them. I dont know why they chose me but i didnt want them to ditch me, so i went along with what they did, even if it meant i ate almost everything in the house when i got home!

I remember when they first came up to me, last week. I  was sat with my best friend, Lexi, in the libary at lunch time. I am kind of a nerd, i always do my home work as soon as i get it and have never had a single detention, which i was proud of! I had also never had a drink or drugs or anything like that. I still hadnt had my first kiss! Anyway so they came up to me and Lexi and they asked if i wanted to hang round with them. i had always wanted to be popular so i accepted. They told me had to ditch Lexi because she was too 'uncool'. I was thrilled that they thought i was cool enough and left the libary without looking once behind.

I decided i would sit with Lexi today, i'd been sitting with the popular crowd for a week and i hadnt spoken to Lexi once unless it was for schoolwork. As i was sitting down with Lexi, Dana whispered in my ear.

 'Why are you sitting with her' she whispered speaking as if Lexi didnt even have a name

'Well, she's my best friend so...' I stopped talking

'She's not if you wanna hang with us. We are you're only chance at being popular. If you choose her, you will regret it!' she replied, and started walking to the popular table. i jumped up without a second look and followed her over, leaving Lexi looking at me sadly before running out of the canteen.

  'So you're coming with us to Brad's party tonight, right?' Dana said.

'Um, yeah' I replied even though i didnt know Brad and hadnt asked my mum and i knew she would say no, 'What time?'

'We'll pick you up around 8. Oh and its gonna be hot' Dana answered before the bell rang and we left for fourth period. I had to go to that party! my social life would be ruined if i didnt!

I got the bus home and shouted hi to my mum. As i was walking up the stairs i groaned. I'd have to ask whether I could go.

'Mum, my friends have asked me if I will go...' She'd never let me go to a party! 'to a sleepover tonight. Can i go?'

'Lexi? Of course you can!' she replied

'Erm' She'd definately let me go to Lexi's 'Yeah, Lexi's'

I shouted bye as i ran up the stairs. I texted Lexi asking if she was going and she was. Yes! I could sleep at hers! Her mum thought of me as a second daughter! I texted Dana saying i could go. I realised that i would have to be waiting for them, since mum was expecting Lexi. 6:45 my alarm clock read so i had about an hour if i was going to be waiting for them.

I had a quick shower before choosing my outfit. Well they'd said it would be hot but i couldnt wear any of my clothes. They'd never speak to me again, i really needed to go shopping. I snuck into my sisters room. She's older than me and was at her boyfriends at the moment. I grabbed a pair of denim shorts and black camisole. As i was changing i debated over wearing tights or leggings but Dana and Lana would laugh at that so i had bare legs with black stilletos i could on just walk in! I straightened my hair before walking over to my make up. I didnt have much so i snuck into my sister room and took some of hers. Eyeliner, mascara, foundation, black eyeshadow, pink lipstick and a pink lipgloss. It was now 7:50 so i ran down the stairs and shouted bye to mum before running out of the house. She'd never let me out if she'd have seen me!

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