"Right," the officer told the girl.

"You, left." To the sister.

They clung to each other.

"No!" the girl screamed. "Please, sir. I'll go with her!"

"Be my guest!" the officer said.


The officer struck her across the face, but she persisted. She persisted even when her sister gave up. The officer raised his fist again.

He had to stop this.

"What's all this ruckus?" he said, sauntering between the girl and the fist. "Quiet down! You," he pointed to the officer, "what happened?"

"The girl, sir. She's... pregnant," the officer stammered.

"Which one? Her?"

"No, her."

"That one, with child? Why, that's just a little extra fat. Nothing a few days of work won't solve. Do you agree?"

"Y-yes, sir."


He walked away, making sure the girl and her sister were both sent to the right.

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