So guys, new story:) Not really sure about it, had the idea in my head and thought I'd try it out. So here goes, really hope you enjoy:) And for those who don't know, rugby is like american football. And over her we have seven forms at the same school, just in case you get a bit confused when I'm talking about school forms:D



Finally! As the final school bell of the week rang through the school, I packed up my things and made my way out of class. "I'll see you later Rachel," my Maths teacher, Mr Williams, said as I passed his desk.

"Yeah, see you later," I said back as I left the classroom. And it was true; I would see him later.

We both go to the same rugby matches you see. I go to watch my brother play and I'm not really sure who Mr Williams goes to see. But he was good friends with my brother Xavier, and that's how we really started talking. Mr Williams has been my registration teacher since last year when he started Cedarhill Academy. He's a nice guy, really easy to talk to, especially because he's only twenty-two years old. When he came to Cedarhill Academy I used to have a crush on him, but soon grew out of it when we became friends. But I'm still kind of attracted to him. Let's just say, if given the chance to go out with him, I would. 

After grabbing all my stuff from my locker and ridding those thought from my head, I made my way out of school. As I reached the parking lot, I saw my brother waiting in his car. As soon as I got in, he drove out of the school. Xavier doesn't go to this school anymore, he's left and in college. I used to think it was weird seeing him about school, but sometimes I miss seeing him during the day. Xavier and I are really close and we used to do everything together. But soon we got our own friends and grew apart, but we still get along really well.

"Are you coming to my match today?" Xavier asked after a few silent minutes. I turned to face my nineteen year old brother.

"Yeah, I think Paul Williams is going as well." I looked back out the window when Xavier nodded. "Xavier, who does Paul go see in the matches?" I asked as we turned the corner into our street. I never call him Paul unless I'm talking to Xavier, or if Mr Williams corrects me outside of school.

"His brother, Sean. I think he's around your age; maybe a year or two older. You've probably seen him before." I nodded slightly in understanding.

"Hurry up and get changed; I need to be there for warm up." Xavier shouted to me as I ran to my room to get changed.


"I'll meet you by the car after the match." Xavier said as we walked towards the rugby building. "And here, take the keys." He handed me the keys as we stopped outside the building.

"See you later then. And good luck," he smiled before walking into the building.

"Rachel!" I turned around and saw Mr Williams walking towards me.

"Hey. What are you doing here go early?" we started walking towards the rugby pitch.

"I had to drop my brother off for a warm up."

"Yeah I heard about your brother. I didn't know you had a brother, let alone him play on the same team as my brother." He laughed as we stopped at the top of the steps that led down to the rugby pitch.

"I'm guessing Xavier told you then?"

"Yeah; I was just curious as to who you came to see." I said feeling quite embarrassed, running a hand through my brown hair.

"I'll introduce you after the match. He's only a year older than you." I looked up to him and laughed slightly.

"Okay, whatever." I tried not to sound too interested.

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