Chapter 8

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Peter and Sarah finally pulled up at their aunt and uncle's house after a long 3 hour ride. They got out of the car, and gazed at the small ranch style house that was dirtier than dirt itself. They walked up to the door. Sarah politely knocked on the door a couple times before a plump man in a shirt and underwear opened the door.

"Uncle Jeffrey!" Sarah screamed with joy.

"Hi kids come in," Uncle Jeffrey said.

The siblings walked in, and sat down on an old ripped couch. Peter remembered all the good times he had in this little house with his parents. His parents! He had forgotten all about them. The anger kicked in.

"Hi Peter and Sarah where are your parents?" Aunt Elma said.

"Dead," Peter responded harshly.

Aunt Elma and Uncle Jeffrey couldn't believe it. Though when Peter had explained it all in full detail, but leaving out the part that he killed them; they went silent. Then aunt Elma began to softly cry. Uncle Jeffrey put his arm around her.

"Your welcome to live here. Your rooms are to the left," Uncle Jeffrey directed.

Sarah followed Peter into the room; they locked the door.

"We can't stay here," Peter whispered.

"Why not they are family too. Where else would we go? Sarah questioned.

"We need to find out who wanted to kill our parents," Peter said.

"We should ask aunt Elma and Uncle Jeffrey."

Peter and Sarah left the room to go, and asked uncle Jeffrey if he knew anything.

"All I know is it has something to do with that house," Peter said.

"But it's okay because your never leaving us, we finally have kids," Aunt Elma said.

Aunt Elma had stopped crying, and locked the door with a key.

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