France x England

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France x England. One of my OTPs. I had some time to work on it and I had an idea or two so I came up with this. Enjoy.

xxx England's POV xxx

The meeting between the Allied Powers dragged on for what seemed like hours with America ranting about hero's saving us from global warming.

"Same time next week!" America called out as we packed.

I was putting papers in my briefcase when a pair of arms snaked around my waist and I could smell a mixture of wine and roses.

Oh great.

"Bonjour Anglettere. How are you this fine evening?" He rested his head on my shoulder.

"Go away you bloody frog." I shook him off and collected the rest off my things.

"Lighten up. You are always so stressed and need to relax a little. I can help you if your like." He took a seat next to mine and have me a slight smirk.

"Go away. I'm fine. I don't need your help with anything." I walked out the door only to hear France start following me.

"Come one. At least let me buy you a drink." He walked up next to me and put an arm around my shoulder.

"I don't drink anymore. Not since my pirate days. Go drink with someone else." I brushed his arm off and walked faster.

"Everyone else is busy. You just so happen to be available." He matched my walking speed.

"I have plans..." I avoided his gaze hoping he wouldn't notice I was lying.

"You do? What are they?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"None of your business! I'm not going with you." I walked out of the building with him in tow.

"One drink? We used to go drinking all the time!" He pleaded as he yanked on my uniform.




"We won't be out that long!"


"I'll leave you alone afterwards!"


"I'll get you that thing you've been wanting." He whispered into my ear as I fumbled for my keys. I stopped in my tracks.

"That got your attention." He grinned at my reaction.

What he was talking about was a limited edition, signed copy, of the Sherlock Holmes series. There were very few in existence and France had one of them.

"Just... One drink?" He nodded and I thought about it.

"F-fine. I'll go, but I won't enjoy it..." I followed him to his car and he opened the passenger door for me. At least he's polite.

"What's you're favorite drink Anglettere?"

"Well I drank a lot of rum in my pirate days. I have some liquor now and then, but that's it." I watched building after building pass by.

"I remember our pirate days. Seems like yesterday Spain and I were celebrating from getting that silly treasure we fought over." We chuckled at the memory.

The car pulled into a pub and we got out of the car.

"One drink, remember?"

"That's all I asked Anglettere." He linked his arm in mine and practically dragged me in.

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