A New Face

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 Nights ago, Salem had a dream. One of a foreign god, with claims of a war that she would partake in. A dangerous and bloody war that could potentially leave the world in ash. Fourteen masters and fourteen servants are to fight. The winner of this war would be granted an all powerful wish granting device, one that she intended to win.

"My Master." The servant beside her spoke, his voice filled with respect. She turned to meet his dull gaze. The servant's black hair was slicked back with his black armor shining in the dimly lit room.

"Everyone has arrived." Salem gave the servant a hum as she watched him adjust the blue cape that laid on his shoulder, the white fluff of it getting caught on his slick black armor. Salem turned around in her chair, staring down her subordinates.

"I am glad you were all able to come on such short notice. Especially because of these-" She trailed off, her eyes gazing towards the other servants in the room. Besides her own, six other servants sat or stood next to their respective master.

Roman the thief had the Lancer class, the newly summoned servant lightly combed her long pink claws through her pink hair that was tied with purple ribbons. Her light blue eyes glanced around the room with a bored expression on her face. She wore a monochrome plaid skirt with the torso of the piece being a black corset with three tiny, pink bows running up the central line. A white and black t-shirt tugged her small frame, her arms were mostly covered in elbow length gloves that accentuated the pink scales on her arms and legs. Her most prominent feature was the devil like horns that stuck out of her head, the long draconic tail, and the protruding fangs of a devil.

Across from Roman sat Hazel with his Rider class servant. A younger woman with long pink hair that flowed down to her back leaned a little too close to her master than he preferred. Around her neck and shoulders was a massive white fur cloak that stopped around her buttocks. Underneath it, she wore a skintight white cloth with a unique design to it. It hugged her body a bit more than it should, revealing her 'sexy' frame. The top piece had a short skirt attached to it that ended with a see through veil that did little to cover her. Instead of pants, she wore knee high fur leggings that wrapped around her slender legs. Her high heels clicked on the ground lightly as she adjusted her chair, slowly scooting it closer to her master.

Watts sat next to Hazel's opposite side with his Saber class servant. A man stood behind him, looking to be in the prime age of his life. His black hair was styled up in a ponytail, and came down to his lower back. A strange flower patterned scarf sat around his neck, standing out against the purple kimono that he wore. He rested his hand on the sword at his hip, a small grin on his face as his dark blue eyes gazed at the other servants in the room.

Across from Watts sat Adam with his Archer class servant. The younger woman sat at attention, her blood red eyes staring towards Salem expectantly as the two of them met each other's gaze. A large red bow kept her silver hair tied in a ponytail, while she wore samurai armor that was colored white and red with golden accents being mixed in. And much like Lancer, she had two demonic horns protruding from her forehead. Around her waist were two sheathed swords. On her back sat a massive naginata that seemed too large for her to wield properly.

At the far end of the table, she could hear the small whisperings of Tyrian's Caster. The Caster had a strange appearance, with his eyes being abnormally big that seemed to pop right out of his skull. His garments too were quite odd. With a luxurious robe of ancient design, sanguineous patterns adorning the pitch black fabric. He donned an inky black cassock, and an evil aura reeled about it. The red patterns that dyed his clothes looked more akin to stains of blood. His figure was wrapped in a much folded robe, decorated with magnificent latches made of precious metals. His whole style screaming 'Evil wizard'.

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