Chapter 17

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"Only taking off my clothes but no touching."

"Whatever you say sweetheart."

I felt a shirt being pulled over my head and down my body. It smelled good like Lucas.

"Goodnight cara. Dream of me."

He walked out and turned off the lights.

The last thing I thought to myself was maybe giving him a chance isn't a bad idea.


Nikki POV

Oh I was so mad at Lucas. How dare he? First he takes me on this trip and now he doesn't tell me we are going to visit his grandparents. I have to dress up. What if they don't like me?

"Nikki come on love, don't be like that. they'll love you, you don't have anything to worry about."

"Don't worry! Of course you'd say that you know them!!"

He walked towards me and pulled me into a hug. "Shh they'll love you, calm down." he soothingly whispered.

I bathed in his warmth enjoying it.

"Could we go to the stables and maybe ride a horse." I asked him.

"If that is what you want."

The stable was a beautiful place. Horses lay in there cells eating and drinking from the containers.

Lucas saddled a white stallion and beckoned me forward. " Here love climb up."

He helped me mount the beautiful beast and he climbed up also.

He wrapped his hands around my waist and nudged the horse forward.

"Nikki, my love, we need to have a talk and what better time than when you can't go anywhere."

Oh that despicable man. He chooses the time to talk when I can't get away and he's right behind me.

"I know that something happened in your past that makes you afraid of relationships but I'll wait for you as long as you need. I want you to know cara that I'll break your cold exterior."

I held my breath as he leaned down and left a trail of kisses down my neck.

I felt a warmth set inside my heart and a few more cracks were drawn on my glass wall. We continued our trip for the rest of the day. We visited the grapeyard in the far corner of the land and wandered aimlessly around the hills. Lucas went back to the house and grabbed a picnic basket that the chef and leonor prepared. We layed our picnic at a shady spot under an apple tree and ate our delicious lunch.

Lucas behaved himself. He asked if I needed anything and acted like a perfect gentleman.

The sun was beginning to set when Lucas announced we should be heading home to get ready for our dinner with his grandparents.

"Darling go inside the house and get ready, I'll be right in."

I took the basket and put it in the kitchen counter. Should I dress to impress or wear something casual? I wonder how his grandparents are. Will they like me?

I took a shower and decided to wear a dress that reached my knees. It had light flower patterns and went from lilac to a white. I was applying mascara and a light shade of pinkish red lipstick when Lucas entered my room wearing a dress shirt with black suit pants. "Are you ready my love?"

"Almost let me get my bag."

I grabbed my woven bag from the hook by the door and a coat from the closet.

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