Jacob's POV

I was going for a walk and all of a sudden everything went black. I remember hearing sirens, people screaming, and talking. I couldn't process what the people were saying. 

I was extremely uncomfortable. I wanted to move, but I was paralyzed. I tried to open my mouth and speak, but it woudn't budge. I wanted to look around and see where I was, but my eyes were glued shut. I heard footsteps and voices. "Mrs. Whitesides I hate to break it to you but Jacob is in a coma." I heard sobs and crying. 

I heard my mom's phone ringing, she picked up almost instantly. "Hello, who is this?" She asked "Oh, Taylor I am so sorry but Jacob is in the hospital. He is in a coma and can not be reached now" "Bye Taylor" "Of course Taylor" She hung up. Taylor, I wish he was with me right now. I'm so bored, Taylor can always make me laugh.

The door opened and someone spoke to my mom. "Mrs. Whitesides, visiting hours are over" "Okay, can I just say goodbye to Jacob?" "Of course" I heard footsteps. "Jacob, I know you probably can't hear me. i just wanted to tell you that I am going to be here for you. I will be back in the morning. Your probably really bored. Hang in there and if you can break through. Bye Jacob, I love you" I wanted to say 'I love you too mom', but I couldn't.

Bella's POV

"Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday Got your girl in the cut and she choosay. Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday Got your girl in the cut and she choosay. Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday Got your girl in the cut and she choosay. Got the club goin' up, on a Tuesday Got your girl in the cut and she choosay. 

Squad goin' up, nobody flippin packs now I just did 3 in a row, them shows is back-to-back to back now. Put the world on the sound, you know PARTY and The Weeknd. Ain't got no mutherfuckin' time to party on the weeknd." My alarm went off and I started singing along. I can't believe I have to go to school today, I haven't been in forever.

I got ready in my uniform, I actually really like it. It's a red kilt, with a navy blue polo. All the girls at my school roll their kilts up, some of them look slutty and others just look normal. After getting dressed I went downstairs, "Hey mom" I greated her. "Hey Bella, I made you breakfast" she handed me a plate "thanks mom" The door bell rang. I went to answer it and Nat stormed in. "I'm here irrelevant... ones" Nat said mocking Carter but catching herself before she said something wrong in front of my mom. we both started laughing and headed to school.

We walk to school because we live so close. "I miss the guys" Nat said. "I know" "Do you think they miss us?" "Of course your boyfriend misses you" "I think Johnson will miss you the most" She said. "Why?" "Because he totally had a not so secret crush on you" "I guess, he looked disappointed when I told him that he's will always be the big brother I never had" "You actually said that? I thought Gilinsky was joking. Gilinsky also said that Johnson was just trying to make a move that day" "Did Gilinsky tell everyone but me that Johnson was going to do that?" "No, only me and Trevor. Trevor got really jealous when Gilinsky started whispering in my ear and Trevor thought that he was hitting on me or something so Trevor begged Gilinsky to tell him"

We got to school and it wasn't like before we went to Cali. "cough cough slut" girls said as they walked by us. "what did we do to her?" I asked "Jealous bitch much" Nat said screaming after her. She came back, "I'm not jealous of you. Trevor Moron is it? Nobody likes him." "Shut the fuck up before I punch you in the face" Nat said, Nat is really bad at come backs and can be violent, she used to be that girl who is friends with all the guys, but doesn't play sports. She was kind of a loser before I came along.

Nat and I walked to first period, Math. "You are probably the weirdest girl in this whole school" I said. "I know, and that's why your my friend" We made it to class and sat in the back as usual.

Nat grabbed her phone out of her pocket and started texting "let me guess Trevor?" She looked up at me with confused look "What about Trevor" "all I have to say is Trevor and I get your attention. "huh?" She just stared at her screen blushing. Even before they started dating, you say Trevor Moran and you instantly get her attention.

Everyone filed into the classroom. Mrs. Bennet came in and when she saw us she smiled. "I see you two are back from your vacation" "yeah" I said. "Nathalie are you alright?" She was staring at her phone and I kicked her leg. "Ow" She said. "Nathalie are you alright?" "Yes I am fine Mrs. Bennet, just a little distracted" "Nat, when are you not distracted?" some kid asked. "Mrs. Bennet, do I have to answer that question? Derick is being the asshole he always is." She responded. There were lots of oohs and some guys said burn and shit "Nat you can't say that in class" Another kid said. "But its true Eli" She said.

Mrs. Bennet just talked and talked and talked, I was texting Sam and telling him how class was so boring. The class ended and I walked to my locker. I was at my locker when some dork came up to me. "do you know of a girl named Bella D?" he asked "Yeah why?" "I'm new here and the lady at the office told me to talk to her" "well in that case, I'm Bella D" "wait, your the girl who dated Jacob and your friends with O2L and Magcon" "That's me" "cool, I'm Tristan, but most people call me Tris" Derick walked by. "Tris is that you?" he asked. They had a weird reunion thing and I just walked away.

I had English next. I don't have English with Nat so I met a girl named Julia and her best friend Sarah. I got to Mrs. Smith's classroom and sat in my usual seat in the back. Julia and Sarah came in and sat in their usual seats.

English was pretty boring too, we had to write an essay about what we learned last class. I wasn't there so I just wrote about what I did in L.A.

After English it was lunch. At lunch I was sitting with Nat and a group of guys came up behind her. "Sorry I have a boyfriend" Nat said. "eww I would never kiss that dirty ass mouth of yours" I think it was Derick said. "What do you want?" Nat asked. "Eli wants to ask you a serious question" some kid asked. "What is it Eli? and why did you have to bring asshole here? Tell your friends to leave and then we can talk" "They started to leave and Derick yelled "SMD" "I can't cause you don't have one" Nat responded.

"Eli, lets go talk somewhere else" Nat grabbed her tray and put all of her garbage away, "I'll meet you at the lockers" she said to me. They walked off and I did the same and walked to my locker.

Nat came back "I am so glad you came and saved me from that hell hole in grade one" she said pointing to the guys. "I know, I am amazing aren't I" "Eli wanted advise on how to ask some girl out. Do I look like the girl who would know relationship stuff?" "Not really" I responded truthfully.

After lunch Nat and I had business. "I hate business" Nat said. "I know you do" I responded "How?" she asked me. "every time we have business you tell me you hate it" "oh"

Business went by fast and before I knew it we had science, then gym. I am good at sports and I am on some of the school teams. We were playing volleyball. I'm on the volleyball team and I am amazing at it. Nat on the other hand is not the best at sports, she hates sports and the only reason shes in gym is that her parents forced her.

Gym always goes by the fastest for me and it was already over. I went to my locker and Nat met me there. "Can we go home now?" She asked. "Let's go"

We walked home and I was tired so I got changed into sweatpants and a t shirt and just layed on my bed and checked my social medias. "Dinner's ready" my mom said from downstairs. "I'm coming mom"

After dinner I went to my room and watched PLL. Pretty Little Liars is my favourite show, I just love it so much. After a few episodes I started getting sleepy and I fell asleep. As darkness came over my body I thought about how many more days before Magcon NYC.   

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