22 | Drunken Confessions

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"Hey, baby, care to dance?"

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"Hey, baby, care to dance?"

Sebastian shook his head for the tenth time that night. For now, he was content to sit at the bar and keep an eye on his friends. Their antics were far more entertaining than anything else.

Goody two-shoes Marcus was off to the left of the dance floor with a harem of girls cooing over his boyish grin and dimples. Had he not been one for random hookups, Sebastian would have thought Marcus was trying to find one to take home. Jacob had been abducted by a group of frat boys to play a drinking game Sebastian didn't recognize, which involved copious amounts of alcohol combined with balancing random objects on one's nose. And last but not least, Jude was making his way towards the exit, hand in hand with a guy who Sebastian had no qualms with calling attractive. At least good taste ran in the family.

The only ones missing were Michael and Talia, and he hadn't seen either since they had arrived a couple hours ago. Something about that was vaguely unsettling, but as long as Michael hadn't gotten her completely drunk, Sebastian figured he had nothing to worry about.

Unfortunately, that was exactly what it looked like Michael had done.

The pair had finally come into view halfway across the club, seeming to have just exited from the exclusive lounge. Michael was wearing a look reserved for when he was immensely pleased with himself, and Taliana looked like she was having an even harder time than usual walking in her too-high heels. Sebastian watched as Michael leaned down to whisper something in her ear, causing her to gasp and slap his chest playfully, a sign he had said something unquestionably inappropriate.

That was enough to set Sebastian in motion towards them, and a grin lit up Michael's face as he approached.

"Darling," Michael exclaimed, reaching out to pat Sebastian's shoulder with his free hand while the other struggled to keep Talia upright. "We've been looking all over for you!"

His motion caused her to stumble slightly, and Sebastian was quick to save her from toppling over by slipping an arm around her waist and detaching her from Michael.

"Time to go," he called over the music. "Go get the others."

"Aw, but we were just starting to have fun," Michael whined.

Talia merely laughed as she moved to avoid Michael's touch, clinging to Sebastian's shirt as if it was the only thing keeping her on her feet. "Psh, maybe you were," she drawled, clearly holding back a fit of giggles. "You kept making me spill my secrets."

"Go, Michael," he commanded, beginning to drag the drunken Stick Girl towards the staircase. "I'll meet you outside."

Though he was hesitant, Michael nodded once and disappeared into the crowd.

After he was out of sight, Sebastian finally spared Talia a glance. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she said, rolling her eyes as if the question was the dumbest thing she'd ever heard. "Just a little... tipsy."

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