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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 11

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He stood up and walked over to Harry who was reading through the dominant handbook, apparently waiting for Louis to finish looking through his own. He sat down next to him and stayed quiet, waiting for Harry to notice him. And, as expected, Harry turned to him a few moments later.

"Do you need something darling?" Harry asked him, setting down the book.

"I have the collar box." Louis said excitedly, hoping that Harry wanted to give him his collar. He didn't have a choice whether or not Harry gave him his collar yet, and he didn't want to push him into it before he wanted to, because the collar was basically the wedding ring in a dom/sub relationship.

"But, you don't have to lock it on me yet, we haven't known each other for very long, and I don't expect you to love me yet." He rambled, his frown growing deeper as he thought about how much could keep him from wearing the collar, something that every sub worried about.

"Well. They did give me a key." Harry said cheekily, secretly just as worried as Louis. While a sub worried about whether or not a dominant would lock the collar around their neck, the dominant worried about if the submissive wanted them to, (though it was quite obvious by the look in his subs eyes that he wanted it.) But, this was something that they couldn't back out of, so he had to make sure both of them were ready, whether or not they both wanted it.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" He asked, looking down to his feet. Dominants were almost always confident, it was in their genes just like many other traits that make up a dominant, but certain things were always going to make you nervous, and this was definitely one of them.

"Of course I'm sure." Louis said quickly, opening the box as Harry reached for his key necklace that was given to him in his care package.

Louis sucked in a sharp breath as he looked down to the collar. It was absolutely beautiful. It was made up of what seemed to be blue rubber tubes and metal pieces. In the back was a matching metal piece that had a tiny key hole in it, which matched Harry's specialised key. In the front was Louis' favourite part; where there was a tiny metal rose which looked to be hand made.

Harry gently grabbed the collar from the box and unlocked it, wrapping it around Louis' throat where it sat at the base, perfectly shadowing the points where the indentation of his collar bones jutted out of his chest.

He locked it in the front before spinning it around and letting it go, and locking the necklace, which held the key, around his neck. He looked up to see tiny tears rolling down Louis' cheeks as a watery smile crossed his face, and he leaned in to kiss Harry lovingly on the lips.

"I love you so much." Louis said quietly when they pulled away, wiping at his cheeks with an embarrassed laugh.

"I love you to baby." Harry said, wrapping his arms around Louis' waist to lay him down on the couch and kissing him once again, this time with a passion he hadn't ever felt before, as cheesy as it was.


They went along for a few weeks, living a normal, everyday relationship when a phone call ruined it all at once, shattering the comfortable atmosphere that had settled in the house.

"Hello?" Louis spoke into the phone. Harry had originally answered it of course, that was a rule, but they had said they wanted to speak to Louis, and nothing more, so Harry reluctantly handed over the phone to the boy who was standing patiently, fiddling with his collar -a habit he had picked up shortly after he got the thing.-

"Hello. Is this Louis Tomlinson?" The person on the other line asked in a deep voice, one that seemed to have been soft at one point but was now rough; Louis assumed it was from smoking but the man on the other end could have just been punched in the throat at one point in his life for all he knew.

"Yes, this is he." He said, sitting on the couch.

"Okay. Well it seems that we sent you the wrong pills." The voice said, hushed, like he didn't want anyone else to know.

"What do you mean? I haven't bought any pills." Louis stated in confusion, nibbling at the tips of his nails.

"I mean your birth control pills."

"Wait, but there isn't anything higher than 6-10." He said, trying to avoid the obvious elephant stomping around the room.

"Yes, but there is something lower, and that is what we, unfortunately, sent you. I apologise dearly, and if you could send them back without opening them then that would be greatly appreciated."

"Um. I don't have any pills to give back. I've been taking them for a month now and I was just actually going to head out to pick up another prescription." He said worriedly, feeling anxious tears well up in his eyes. He always cried when he was overwhelmed, and right now his picture might as well have been sitting in place of the definition of the word.

"Have you performed sexual intercourse while using these pills?"

"Yes." Louis said quietly, his cheeks flaming up in a pretty pink colour.

"Have you been using the appropriate condoms?"

"No." He said, ashamed. They hadn't put the condoms to use, not even once. It wasn't like they didn't think they needed them, it was just that their sex was always spontaneous, and when they did have sex they generally weren't thinking about where their condom was, or if they were going to use one for that matter.

"Okay. Well, you might want to go get yourself checked out, ya know, for pregnancy and all that." The man said awkwardly, hanging up shortly after giving him a quick goodbye.

Louis breathed out, trying to relax himself. He had never thought this would happen to him, what if he was pregnant? Would Harry still want him after that?

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