Chapter 7- The Superintendent

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(Written by Fiona)

Superintendent: A high and respected Police rank

Nobody's POV:

The world hardly ever made sense. 

There would be questions that nobody could answer. There would be people that were so strange even scientists were left wracking their brains for an answer. Then there would be unthinkable places, people who defied the laws of physics, questions that never had a straight answer...

Superintendent Claire Jones knew that all very well. After all, it was one of the most important things that an officer needed to understand. That not every problem had a solution.

She stood at the entrance of the hospital, notepad and pen in her hands. The Superintendent knew that she was going to be in for quite a long day.

She was greeted by a stern-faced doctor, who led her up to the hospital ward. The ward which she was there to investigate. 

The door groaned as it swung to and fro, opening to reveal a small, frail-looking teenager lying motionless in her hospital bed. On her forehead, there was a nasty dark gash poking out from behind a large, padded plaster. Her arms had been decorated with a variety of cuts, open wounds and nasty bruises. 

The superintendent's eyes widened as the approached Kitty, scribbling down notes. She stared closely at the girl, her narrow eyes picking out small details that ordinary people wouldn't. Like how some of the cuts looked as if they had been there hours, despite the assault occurring several minutes ago. Claire knew that the poor girl had been in a car crash, but she suspected that those cuts had nothing to do with the crash.

The superintendent also spotted that there was a cut on her lip, telling her that there was a struggle. Some form of fight.

It was an assault. 

She lifted her radio to her mouth. There was nothing else she could do for the girl. The forensics would have to uncover the rest of the mystery. 

As she turned on her heel to leave, she heard a slight commotion float out from one of the nearby cupboards. A stifled cough. 

The suspect had not left the ward...

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