Part 9: Party Wreckers

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Author's Note:
I'm going to try and post a new chapter every Sunday. Yeah... I hope my brain doesn't have 1 chapter memory (so that I don't forget to write lol).

Preston's POV

October 9th, Tuesday - 16:50 PM

Dude, I'm in this bitch. WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE THREE!? I swear to lord baby Jesus, that I'm going to fucking throw them into the damn pool.

"Anne!?" I yell for the fourteenth time for the past few minutes. Do I- oh for fuck's sake, I'm dumb. I can simply call their asses like the Karen queen uses her thundering scream to summon her whales. "I'm dumb as hell."

I pull out my phone from my pocket, and scroll through contacts. I call up Annabeth since her name is on the top of my list, then I start adding Brittany and Katherine to the call.

"Preston, why you callin'?"

"Yeah, you could've just gone to look for me outside."

"I'm upstairs with Britt."

"Thank fuck I finally know where you three are." I let out a loud sigh. "They serve only alcohol, Brittany, I'm gonna fuck your cousin."

"Didn't you say you were straight?"

I hear Annabeth 'ooooooooh' immediately when that sentence slips out of the snak- Britt's mouth. Katherine just laughs.

"Alright, I'm going insi- OH MY-" Her side of the phone is put on wait.

"WHAT THE- KATHERINEEEEEE!" Anne screams through the phone, making me wince and move the phone away from my ear. Holy shit... her screams could potentially shatter glass!


Then her line clicks again, and Katherine's call is unmuted.

"I messed up big time..." Kath whispers through the phone. Oh my god, what did she do?

"What did you do?" I ask her. "Do I need to come get you?"

Kath screams through the phone. "I'M IN TROUBLE, HELP!" I hear a male voice yelling in the background. Did she just anger some drunkard? Ugh... alright I think it's obvious I have to get her.

"We're coming!" Annabeth says before she and Britt hang up, and I start making my way to the door.

Before I can even reach the door handle, the door bursts open, Katherine flying right into me.

"WO- Katherine, what's wrong!?"

"I pushed some drunk guy in the pool on accident, now he is after my booty!" She says in a panic, scanning the crowd in an attempt to find the guy. It doesn't take me long to see the guy, all wet, rage in his eyes.

"WHERE IS SHE!?" He screams, then spots us. He- OH SHIT HE HAS FRIENDS.

"I'm not going to be taken alive!" Kath sceeches into my ear, before pushing me aside. She then starts running into the crowd screaming bloody murder as the guys go past me.

"Stop her!" One of dude's friends says loudly as they start pushing people aside.

I then notice Annabeth and Brittany at the top of the stairs, peeking over the railing. There is some red haired guy with them as well, dunno who he is tho.

Annabeth motions for them to follow her, then she notices me and points towards the back door of the house. I nod and immediately start running after the guys who are still pushing through the crew.

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