Mirrors and money. Pt 1

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   I woke up in Jacks arms around me. I smiled and easily got out and walked of to the shower. After my shower I remember my couple scratches from that car stunt. Looking out the window I saw it was sunset and got dressed for our final act. Well not really but come on stealing money and then putting it in whatever his name was in his car would be hard work.

"Morning." I turned around and saw Jack already up and dressed. I smiled and grabbed my clothes and changed. I went into the bathroom and decided to do something with my hair. Grabbing some hair dye. ~couple minutes later or hours~ As I finally got done with my hair I walked out and let's say Jack was in the living room watching some TV.  I walked behind him and poked him

"Hello" he turned around and saw my hair.

"What did you do to your hair?" He looked at it and grabbed some of it.

"I dyed it. Why does it look bad?" He shook his head and kisses my forehead.     

"Nope it's beautiful and we should get a move on if we want to get that money and move it to Thaddeus Bradley's car." I nodded and fixed my shoes.

"I'm ready!" He smiled and dragged me outside.--------------------time skip------------

After we manged to take out the money and must I say the guy in there not too bad at playing the air violin i think that was it. We finally made it to Thaddeus's car. Stuffing the whole car with money was easy the difficult part was closing it which we double check in order for the car to not explode from all the money in it.

     "Shame for what he did now we stop him and hopefully he learns a lesson." I was behind Jack as we were walking towards the park. I ran ahead and did a jump climbing over the fence looking at Jack. "I guess all that running and heavy work finally payed off" Jack smiled and unlocked the padlock and closed it we went to the other side of the park hoping the guys were already there.

    As we got closer to the other gate I heard someones voice. Jack smiled and just walked ahead with me behind him. They smiled and Henley hugged me with a million questions.

  "OK calm or I'm tapping your mouth shut." That shut her up and we went towards a tree trying to find whatever and our cards got connected which started a carousel. I ran over to it and stopped at seeing the detective.

---+well I'm leaving it like this so my readers I'm leaving a cliff hanger.+--------

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