Love Me

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Well its my first gay sex scene so let me know how I did and any tips you have... because I know  can improve.

Jayy's POV-

     He jumped off the stage and left me mesmerized from the kiss. I followed him down the stage stairs to meet the fans.

"Hey" He chuckled, putting his arms around my waist, Since he's just so short compared to me  I put my arm around his shoulders. And hugged him.

"IS IT TRUE??" a group of girls came up to us grinning from ear to ear.

"Is what true?"


I laughed and nodded. Dahvie hugged me tighter and nodded with me.

"Yeah" He said shyly.

"YAY!" One screamed and we signed and took pictures  with each one of them. Before we knew it, it was crowd curfew. We walked out to the "Burnt Marshmallow" Since the others took the van Dahvie grabbed the keys from my hand and before he got in he opened the door for me. I smiled and pecked his lips, whispering "Thank You" to him.

He blushed and closed the door. I watched him intently as he walked to his side of the car.

~It's just a car ride, not like much is going to happen~

He pulled into the drive way and before I could reach the door handle he had ran to the other side and opened my door again.

"You're so sweet" I laughed and got out. He closed the door and pressed me against the car. I could feel his fingers tangle in my hair before I had even touched his lips. Let's change that shall we?, I thought and bent down to his level. He smiled against my lips when my arms had snaked their way around my waist. 

He started off at only paying with the collar of my shirt but pretty soon we were both eager to get inside. He grabbed my hand and walked me inside. Kissing me, and without breaking it. He lifted me and walked to our room. Before a moan could escape my lips he laid me on the bed with his knees on either side of me. I smiled and closed my eyes. Pressing his purple lips to mine. I moaned and so did he. My hands trailed down and slipped under his shirt. He parted and we both took our shirts of. But just as quick he was on me again. His kiss left tingles and I wanted more.

He moaned and pushed our chest together. I gasped at his cold chest and his tongue entered my mouth. We fought and fought until he had won. He traced my lips and searched my mouth. The cloth between us was beginning to much of a nuisance. He pulled back and his eyes roamed every uncovered inch. I ran my hands up his body and he moaned, it made me harder than I was from kissing him.

This is my chance and I never thought I would have it. But my dreams came true and he started to kiss and suck my skin. Small moans escaping very often. They became louder when he discovered the soft spot on my neck. My moans were louder and he bit down. I gasped at that action and he left love bites down my neck. I rubbed his member and his moans grew louder and I only grew harder. Was that even possible at the point we were at?

I was pushed roughly onto the bed and he kissed down my stomach until he reached my jeans.

Being the tease he is he slowly pulled them down. So slowly he ran his tongue over my tip. I had already been leaking and he just took his sweet little time. I thought my moans couldn't get any louder until he had taken my into his mouth. I wanted to scream but I was to close. Every little moan of his name he would suck harder. Bobbing his head that time I locked my fingers in his hair.

"D-dahvie" I moaned/ gasped. He went deeper and I released.

The white sticky substance I was expecting to leave his mouth, Didn't. He had swallowed. He moaned and kissed me again. forcing me to taste what had came out of my body in the first place.

"Your turn" I said through his lips and he moaned.

His moans soon made me hard, once again.

I pulled his pants down just as slow as he done me. I smirk at his groan.

"Hands and knees, Monroe" He whispered and I did as I was told.

Without lube or even a condom, he pushed into me. My groans of pain were soon mixed with pleasure. He pushed in and out at a slow pace until I was used to it. And that did NOT take long. I had done this so many times. Soon I couldn't take it was screaming his name and telling him to go faster, harder.

He's so fucking big!

He happily obeyed my commands and pleads And rammed into me with full force. Over his moans it was hard to hear my pleasured covered screams. We both were panting. A shock ran through my body and I was close. His cold had rapped around my member and pumped at the same speed at thrust. "Dahvie" Was all that came out of my mouth when I came. I twitched when he came. He still moaned my name and with one last enter and exit we were done. We both panted together for a few minutes and when I had caught my breath I snuggled closer to his chest.

"Don't ever break your promise, Jayy" He whispered.

"I wouldn't dare" I chuckled and we laid in a comfortable silence.

"I love you Dahvie" I said with closed eyes. The last thing I heard was Dahvie say "I love you too Jayy, Forever and Always" before I fell into a peaceful dark sleep.

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