Chapter Thirty One

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I woke up the next morning around eleven, I was tightly held against Dan. He looked half-asleep, but his eyes seemed to open wider when he noticed I was awake.

"What are you doing up?" He asked.

I mumbled and shielded my eyes from the bright sun coming from out the window.

"It's too bright Daniel," I yawned and pulled the covers over our heads. Dan chuckled and planted a kiss on my lips. I smiled and kissed back.

A few minutes passed and I noticed my hunger.

"Breakfast?" I suggested, Dan nodded and pulled the sheets off of us. I rolled out of bed and looked up at the ceiling. Dan walked over and pulled me up. He held my hand, leading the way to the kitchen. Yes, he ran into the glass door.

I pulled out a piece of fruit and the carton of milk. Dan, on the other hand, had cereal and coffee. I finished my breakfast quick, and leaned against Dan while he leaned against the counter. He set his bowl on the counter to kiss me again.

"Good morning," someone said from the door.

We jumped apart, I jumped again when I saw who it was. Chris Kendall, I had officially seen all of the Fantastic Foursome.

"Jesus Christ, Dan," I said, "Since when did your house become the hangout for all YouTubers? Who's next? Charlie? Carrie? Felix? Tyler? Troye? The Harries?"

"That would be great to see you jump like that again," Dan laughed.

"Jerk," I muttered.

"Gwen, this is my friend Chris," Dan introduced, "Chris, this is my girlfriend Gwen."

"Nice to meet you Gwen," Chris said shaking my hand.

"You too," I smiled.

"Dan, PJ and Phil are wondering if you want to watch a movie in the lounge."

"Yeah, of course," Dan nodded.

"Gwen's invited too," Chris added, "Only if she wants."

"Well duh," I laughed, "You underestimate how much of a fangirl I am."

In the lounge, Pj and Phil took up part of the couch, leaving one spot. I offered it to Chris, but he said Dan and I should have it. I'm not sure what movie we watched, but it included a birthday party scene.

"It's my birthday soon," I interrupted the film. I would've continued but I remembered Dan's pet peeve of talking during films and PJ was essentially a filmmaker who didn't watch a film unless he knew he'd like it.

"Really?" PJ asked, "I didn't know that. When is it?"

I felt obligated to talk and also not talk. I made a mistake.

"In September," I said.

"How old are you going to be?" Chris asked from the floor.

"19," I squeaked out, it was a bit embarrassing being the youngest person in the room. I don't know why, but it was. I was used to being the oldest in the room.

"We'll have to throw you a party," PJ suggested. No one was paying attention the the movie at this point.

"I only have five friends," I shook my head.

"Really, maybe we could get some to fly out from America," Chris said.

"That's impossible," I said, "The only friend I had in America was a homeless man that unfortunately went missing before I left."

"That's sad, don't joke about that," Phil said.

"I, uh, wasn't joking," I said quietly.

"So you consider us your friends?" Chris asked.

"Well yeah, I mean, I did just meet Chris," I answered, "But you four are the only people who have invested this much time into me IRL."

Dan's grip around my waist tightened, he placed a subtle kiss on my shoulder.

"Well, fuck everyone who hasn't realized how awesome you are," Phil said.

"Fuck you, Maine!" I said.

"That's the spirit!" Chris said.

"Fuck you, classmates," I continued, "Fuck you, James! Fuck you, teachers! Fuck you, America!"

The boys started to do the same with people who didn't share a good history with them.

James, was my first kiss. He was sixteen at the time, he had bleach blonde hair and stunning green eyes. I was seventeen, visiting California for VidCon. He met me there at the hotel pool. It was a surprisingly nice pool, though I spent my time on the side tanning. He had done the cheesy, 'boy buys girl drink' move. James had sat at the bar watching me for a while before deciding to get me a smoothie. It was a strawberry smoothie. We then spent the rest of the day together, and night. He came over to my hotel suite, and we kissed. James said he didn't want to go farther, even though we could have. I didn't want to go farther either. The next day, I saw him at breakfast with another red-headed boy. I went over to join them for breakfast, since Mom hadn't woken up yet. They proceeded to make fun of me for falling for their prank. James was a fūckboy and a douchebag. He lead me on and made a joke out of me. I dumped my cereal bowl on him, it had a lot of food in it. I did get kicked out of the hotel for that, but it was worth it. I wish I had a picture of his reaction. I hate James.

Dan didn't yell out like the others, but I did hear him whisper, "Fuck you, Mrs. Archer."

"Fuck you, Mom!" I said loudly, agreeing with Dan. We both had a hate for her, mine was more personal, whereas Dan didn't like that she hurt me.

The others stared at me.

"It's a personal issue," Dan spoke for me, "We are saying who we don't like, aren't we?"

"True, but," Chris said, "Your own mother?"

"Yes," I said boldly, "She had me at 17, made me do a wide array of extracurricular activities I didn't enjoy, she's cut me out of her will, she doesn't believe I can do what I love doing. She's actually tried to stop me from doing YouTube several times, she tried to get me to be something I hate. Then she says she wishes I wasn't born, and that she wished she had aborted me. I would go on, but it would take too long."

"Very well then," Chris nodded.

There was a pause, Dan broke it.

"So the party," he said, "We could invite Carrie, Charlie, Louise, us four of course."

"What about me?" I asked.

"It's your party, you're obviously invited."

"Where are we going to have it?" PJ asked.

"My place," I said, "I have a bigger lounge."

"I have a bigger lounge," Dan mocked.

"Would they be okay coming to my party?" I asked, "They don't exactly know me."

"Louise is a close friend of mine," Dan said, "And Charlie and Carrie are really nice. They know me, so I'm sure they'd come."

"Okay," I nodded.

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