Chapter 4

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Amelia's and Amanda's party dress and footwear--------->

*on my birthday*

I was just sitting on my bed staring at the wall. I have been doing this for quite some time.

After some time I heard my mom's voice “Meli wake up its your……..” my mom just stopped whatever she was saying and looked at me like she has seen a ghost with mouth wide open. I just got that she is not going to complete her sentence.

“…. Birthday. Ya I know” I told her.

I think with that she came out of her shock and asked “Meli are you ok. Are you feeling well? Shall I call pack doctor? Wait I will call your father.”

“Mom, mom I am totally fine mom. Nothing happened to me see I am totally fine.” I told her assuring her. “But mom why are you thinking like something happened to me?” I asked her.

“Well I never saw you waking up on your own. It’s just a bit of shock and I thought that you are actually not feeling well. This is quite a surprise for me you know to see you waking up on your own that’s all.” She said to me.

“See now your wish came true, me waking up early on my own. And I didn’t wake up early, I just couldn’t sleep properly.” I said to her.

“Oh. Anyway what i was saying, Ya Happy birthday meli. Wishing you to have a great life ahead.” She wished me.

“Thanks mom.”

“Get ready your family is waiting for you. Your friends are also there downstairs.” She told.

“Ya just give me few minutes.” I said to her and started getting ready.

After that I got downstairs where everyone is waiting for me.

When I reached them, “Happy birthday princess.” My dad wished me.

“Thank you dad.” I told him giving him a hug.

Alex just gave me a tight hug and said “Happy birthday meli.”

“Thanks bro.” I said to him.

And next my sisters asked me to kneel down in front of them and gave me a hug at a time “Happy birthday.” They wished me.

“Thanks guys.” I told them.

“Happy birthday best friend. How are you feeling finally 18 and all?” Amanda asked me giving me a hug.

“At present nothing special same old.” I told her.

Then matt gave me a hug and wished me “Happy birthday meli.”

“Thanks matt.”

After that, they gave me my presents i opened them excitingly. My father and mother gave me a beautiful small diamond studs. Alex gave me latest i-pod downloaded with all my favorite songs. My sisters gave me a teddybear so cute. Matt gave me a cap with FRIENDS word on it. Amanda gave me a beautiful black bracelet. I thanked everyone and set them in my room.

We started eating breakfast which contained everything my favorite.I thanked my mom for that by giving her a big hug. 

After that everyone started to discuss about the party. As I am the daughter of alpha it is going to be a huge one for sure.

“Meli come on today is your special day we need to go to parlor and some shopping.” Amanda started dragging me.

I told everyone bye. When we are leaving Chris got out of his car. I have been waiting for this moment I just need to look into his eyes. When I looked at his face there is a smile. When I looked into his blue eyes which were with excitement earlier now filled with disappointment. We both can see that we are not mates.

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