|Mei mei x fem reader|

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I'm not sure about my writing, this is the first time I did something like writing a fan fiction, but any feedback is appreciated a lot! Have fun!

It was the much anticipated Autumn Ball and it was your first time attending, but you were nervous. All kinds of big jujutsu sorcerers were going to be there, and you, being a newbie to all of this, did not know how to act, nor anyone.

Except her. You met her a couple of months ago, when you were on a mission. Her silver hair caught your attention the first time you laid eyes on her, smirking at her phone. She had an interesting aura, and you were hoping that she would notice you aswell.
When she eventually did, you were struck by her intense gaze, feeling like she could rip you apart at any given moment.

And here you were now, at the entrance of the ball, looking inside, feeling your heart in your throat. You feel a sudden movement behind your back, arms moving to your hips. You look to your side, only to see a strand of silver hair. It was her. Your heart started pumping even faster than before, not being able to say a word.

"Long time no see, huh?" she was eyeing you curiosly from the corners of her eyes.

You felt a sudden lump in your throat stiffen, not being able to answer her question.

"As mysterious as ever, I see. Well, I guess a drink could make you talk, right? Would you join me?" she started walking into the ballroom looking back at your still stiff body.

You quickly started walking towards her, earning a smug smile from the woman.

The night started to be much more interesting after you had a couple of drinks with her, she introduced you to a lot well known sorcerers, you were having a great time.
After some time you could feel the drinks' effect slowly showing, everything starting to spin slightly.

You looked at Mei mei, who just finished her drink, slowly moving your gaze to her red lips, then to her neck watching as she as she swallowed the liquid. She quickly realised you were checking her out, her lips twitching upwards.

"Are you alright, love?" and with a swift movement she stood up from her seat. "I am going to the restroom, I'll meet you here."

"No. I ugh- have to go too" you nervously chuckled trying to hide that you were starting to feel the affects of the booze.

You started walking, a deadly silence followed the two of you. As you entered the restroom, you tried to lighten the mood, only to earn a choking gaze from her.

"Um, Mei mei, is there something wrong? Have I done something?" you were trying to find the reason behind her new attitude towards you.

She didn't answer, slowly coming closer to you, her gaze lingering on your eyes, when with a sudden movement she took your hand and yanked you into a tight hug.

"I know how you think of me, (y/n)" she slowly wispered into your ears, tugging your hair behind your shoulders, playing with it.

"Ever since that day you saw me, you were imaging me doing some pretty nasty things to you, didn't you?
I saw you, every day, writing about the silver haired woman then-"

"Stop!" you yelled out in embarrassment, feeling uncomfortable because of her words. You slowly lowered your head, muttering under your breath.

" How did you know?"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you." she said, coming even more closer to you, pressing your body with hers slightly.
"Say it loud and clear so I can understand" she said smirking and tucking her braid away from her face.

"I uh-, I" you stuttered, unable to finish your sentence, from her closeness, feeling her breath on your ears.

Then she pressed her lips against yours, pulling your waist tightly into her core, kissing you at a rapid pace, gliding her tongue into your slightly open mouth.

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