Chapter 4 :)

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Y/N pov

Dinner had flown by pretty quickly. Me and Toby sat next to each other and basically talked about minecraft the whole time. Luca sat by Lani, the two seeming to get along pretty well. Lani was patient with Luca. She knew his back story and even if he interrupted her or got a little loud she was easy with him. Lani would occasionally spark conversation with me. Asking me little things about gaming or how America was. But after dinner all of the adults went back into the living room, leaving us to go to tubbos room again. This time Luca went in Lanis room with her to play on Lucas switch, and me and Toby went to his room. Since dinner I've felt so much more comfortable with Toby, like i'm not nervous anymore. We sit down on his bed, his phone had been in the room the whole time we had dinner so he grabs his phone. It's buzzing non stop. Toby hops on a call with someone, "sorry tommy i had dinner with my parents." he says in a slightly hushed tone. I raise an eyebrow at him "tommy?" i mouth to him and he nods. My eyes widen slightly and he goes on mute, "do you wanna say hello?" he asks and doesn't even give me time to reply before he puts tommy on speaker. "Tommyyy I have a friend who would like to say ello!" he says a bit loud. "wow tubbo why do i not believe you. You and friends doesn't fit in a sentence" he says mockingly. "Oh hush Tommy, Y/N say hello." I clear my throat, "I- uh hello Tommy" I say, my voice sounding a bit small. "Tommy that's Y/N, he just moved here."
"Pog, Y/N do you want to hear about my vlog gun?" Tommy says, you can practically hear him smile when he says this. I laugh a little "I've heard plenty about your vlog gun from streams."
Tommy gasps, and Tubbo laughs a little.

The call lasted another 30 minutes until Dad came to tell me and Luca it was time to go. I asked dad to drive because I didn't feel like driving in complete darkness. On the way home i'm texting Toby, us just sending random memes back n forth to each other. Dad looks over at me when we pull into the parking lot, "so i'm guessing you got along with Toby?"
I nod, "it would've been a little nice to have a heads up that he was going to be the streamer i've been watching for like ever though."
Dad laughs a little, "if I would've known I definitely would've told you."
We all get out of the car and head up the 5 flights of stairs to our flat.

As soon as we're inside I rush to my room to start my stream. I hurry and put my little sign up outside my door so Luca nor dad come in. I put on some smudged eyeliner under my eyes and I fluff up my hair a bit more. I sit at my desk and turn my led lights to magenta and I adjust the ring light I have on my desk. I made it to where I have 5 minutes till stream. My phone buzzes on my desk and I pick it up to check it. 1 message from Toby and 3 from Alyssa. 

T-- heyy wyd?

Y/N-- getting ready to stream

T-- OOOOH lemme joinnnn 

Y/N-- like watch join or join join?

T-- Watch join :) 

You send him a link to your twitch. Your screen name was BreezyBee, and you had a pretty good following. Over 900,000 people followed you on twitch and youtube. You got a little nervous over the fact that Tubbo was going to be watching your stream. You shook it off to see what alyssa had texted you.

A-- dude are you not streaming tonight?
y/n!!! answer meee

Y/N-- sorry i was at dinner with my fathers boss and his family. I have big news. I'll call you after my stream.

After 2 more minutes my stream starts and I put on my headset "Hello chat!!" I say cheerily. I read some of what chats saying, mostly stuff like 'oooh new room?', 'hows england?' and other small things. I talk about how pretty england is and how we moved into a flat. I ranted about the 5 flights of stairs I had to walk up just to get inside. "today has just been insane chat, totally insane. I'm not going to get too much into that though. Today for the stream i'm going to play among us in some public lobbies." I say and practically gag. "I hate playing in the public lobbies but you guys seem to love it" I say and i start up among us.

Tubbo's Pov

I joined Y/N's stream with about a minute to before it started. When it started Y/N talked about his experience so far in the uk and how he hates having to climb stairs in his flat. He starts to talk about how today has been just insane. I think for a moment. Wondering if he's talking about meeting me. I shake it off and watch him stream. He loads up among us and finds a lobby to play in. When he hops on the game was basically already starting. Y/N seemed to focus on the game hard core. He bit his lip a little when he scoped out someone to kill and he squinted his eyes a little when he was close to making a kill. I smile a little watching his facial expressions and I shake my head a bit "stop it toby," i think to myself. 

I continue watching the stream until the end. Y/N was a good streamer. He kept everyone entertained. At one point in the stream he got super excited. Y/N had hit 990,900 followers on twitch and 991,509 subscribers on youtube. He talked about how if he hits one million he's going to have a big celebration. Then with that he said goodbye to chat and ended the stream. I messaged Y/N as the stream ended.

T-- Y/N! That was a good stream! Pog!

Y/N-- Thank youu! 

T-- of course!



I finish shutting down everything after I finish texting Toby. I hurry and call Alyssa as I start getting changed to sleep. She answers on the 2nd ring. "Y/N!! SPILL EVERYTHING NOW!" She shouts. I laugh "gimme a second. I'm changing."
Once I change and get in bed I turn my camera on for the call and Alyssa turns hers on as well. Her hair was in a ponytail and she looked a little tired. "So you ready for me to tell you?" I ask and she nods quickly. 
I'm quick to tell her everything about the dinner. I tell her every detail of meeting tubbo and his family and how I was awkward at first. "OH MY GOSH" Alyssa says excitedly, "I can't believe that happened! Please tell me you got pictures." She says. I shake my head and laugh a little, "I wasn't about to act like some crazy fan in front of him. That would've been so awkward." I say.
We talk for a little longer and I check the time. 1:35 am. "I really have to get to bed" I say yawning a little. "Okay loves, sleep well!" she says and we end the call. 
With that, about 10 minutes later i'm off to sleep.


1239 WORDS!! Guyss this is the longest chapter i've written so far and I'm really hoping that you're enjoying! I'm going to start making more of a schedule for when I update the book. But for now i'm gonna add a little here and there each day. I'm currently on spring break so i'm able to write a lot more. But as I was saying, please let me know if you're enjoying so far! :))

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