I’ll never forget that face…


The face that haunted me and made me reckless and desperate. 


I never asked for this!  What did I do to receive this cruel punishment?!!




“Run!” he screamed. As my father’s voice ricochet the forest, I looked over my shoulder, the flames showing their furious anger. Like a predator, they chased their prey. 

I woke up with a startle, the familiar powerless feeling overtook me. I got up slowly walking back to the entrance making me internally wince from the blinding light. I unconsciously sniffed the air, then it hit me.

Running towards the divine smell, I stopped by a small hut. Curious I peered inside, a young girl softly sleeping. I stood there, my eyes slowly changing colours.

Thoughts entered my mind as I stared at her intently, within an hour my movements were uncontrolled as I walked in agonizing steps.

I licked my lips…

I was on my knees in a horrifying state. In my arms, her glassy eyes were shot open and her mouth ajar to form a silent scream never to be heard. Her body was slashed and half eaten.

I silently cried, it wasn’t even my fault! I slowly shook my head, I should be used to this. It killed at least every day now, I wanted it to stop.

Memories came surging back, it’s the 13th day since the ‘face’ arrived…

I buried her under a tree. Now wanting to bathe myself I caught staring at the water.


Their eyes rimmed with purple as the eyes were a dangerous red colour. The nose looking like holes dug on the face as its mouth was a disgusting green. Hairs slowly growing on the face while it looked at my soul.

I cried in agony as I felt a piercing stab. I plunged in the water, slowly I felt myself sinking. 


A hand shoot up from under a tree, a fragile silhouette emerges…


While the creek was polluted with purple.  

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