The Beginning of the End Ch.1

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Disclaimer: I honestly hate the writing on the first few chapter so if you want you can skip to chapter 5 I believe and that's where relevant things actually start happening. You won't really miss anything important as long as you read this chapter.

"Katsuki look at what I can do!" You looked at the small blonde while lifting a tree out of it's roots. "I got my quirk!"

"I said stop calling me that a long time ago!"

"But when I call you Katsu you get upset so I don't really know to call you Katsuki. But did you hear me I got my quirk!"

"I don't care either way you'll never beat me!" A smug smile grew on his face

"But Katsuki I just beat you in a race a minute ago..." It was normal for you to be blunt. Not even a bit of smugness leaked from the tone of your voice as you looked at him with a blank face.

"S-shut up that doesn't mean anything when we're older you won't be able to beat me in anything because I'll be the number one hero."

"When you see me on TV as the number one hero don't cry okay?" The small you gave him a big smile.

"In your dreams!"

But little did the child know, dreams can become a reality.


In Japan, Bakugo and you were some what friends in Elementary school. You two got along but it only took a few seconds for you guys to find a new way to compete for the title of number 1. But, in a a way you understood him. You understood why he masked himself under the angry persona he did so you chose to stay with him.

After a while, you made it to fifth grade. Katsuki began to be more ill-mannered, letting his pride and ego build a wall between the two of you. You held a joke stating that he only acted this way because of the trash nickname you gave him to try and protect your feeling from the truth behind his behavior.

Yes, you and Izuku knew each other but your personalities didn't work very well together seeing how neither of you liked to speak unless spoken to. Neither the less you two did strive to protect each other from a mutual threat.

After years of keeping the same routine with the two, an inevitable event struck that you would have hoped delayed its appearance. You were separated from the two during that same year when you moved after your father passed away. Such a thing is enough to destroy someone and confuse their thinking which led your mother to the irreversible decision that destroyed your family once more.

You walked to your mother's job after school like usual. You spent 2 hours at her job, she completed her work and you finished your homework, the usual.

Her mumbling and the shuffling of her business bag was usually your signal to pack your things up and meet her at the door of her office.

The evening in America around this time varied depending on where you'd live. Some places would be as hot as the Sahara desert while other cities would cool down and send a chilling breeze through your hair.

Either way it was hard walking home with out discomfort.

The neighborhood Nura, your mother chose to place you both in was rather nice. She was some type of pharmacist at the moment, occasionally stepping into med school classes to help a teacher out since she was once a trauma surgeon.

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