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<< Theo >>

Here are my problems with going ice skating:

1. I have no idea how to wear skates.

2. I can't balance myself.

3. I have to go with Miles and Ansel.

4. I can't do it.

That gives me enough reasons not to go. But when Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort say you have to, then you have to. And this time, the poor victim had to be me; and so I'm stuck going ice skating.


"These ones don't fit me!"

"Try these."

"Already did."

Ansel and Miles have been trying different ice skates for about a half hour now and they're wasting time. No matter how much I don't want to go, I'd rather not sit here for another hour sweating in this heat.

"Okay guys! I think I'm going to go," I say, getting up, in hope that they'll follow me.

"Yeah right Theo. You'd probably fall on your butt the moment you even enter that rink," Miles smirks.

"It's better then sitting in this suffocating room!" I reply.

"We'll see," Ansel winks. I grab the ice skates and walk out the door. I sigh of relief when I exit. I finally get some fresh air. It's winter, but that room had a heater which could make anybody sweat. And I mean anybody. I spot many girls skating round the rink like it's the most easy thing in the world, but there are also a few guys, like me, who are holding each other like their life depends on it. And trust me, it scares me because Ansel and Miles will be of no help and definitely won't give me any hope or help. None at all.

I groan, remembering what I'm about to do. I struggle to put on my skates, but manage to. I then, try to stand up, which mind you, isn't easy when your wearing ice skates and have absolutely nothing to use for support. Surprisingly, I don't fall down. So, I muster up enough courage and take a tiny step.

Like that, I manage to walk to the rink. I grab onto a random pole for support. I don't think I'm going to start skating until Miles and Ansel get back. I'm surprised they haven't, yet.

"Hey, Theodore! I'm surprised you managed to even get to the rink. Now let's see if you can walk on it," Ansel sinckers. I roll my eyes.

"Don't be so confident, Elgort! I'm much stronger than you," I remind him.

"Oooo. I'm so scared," Ansel mocks, getting on my nerves.

"Right! You two puppies need to stop fighting! Now, let's go ice skating," Miles interrupts, like an excited little girl.

"Shut up, Miles. C'mon, let's go," I beckon towards the rink. Once Miles and Ansel have joined me, I look at the ice. This should be a piece of cake, I hope.

Before either of my two aggravating best friends could say a word, I had taken a step onto the ice, and already felt myself slipping, so I held onto the pole, frightened. Mustering enough courage to stand properly, I moved my other foot forward and without falling, managed to stand on the ice, which was a huge accomplishment.

When I turned around to boast to Miles and Ansel, they were nowhere to be seen. I searched frantically for them, and found them halfway across the rink, bickering. Arrrggghhh.

I stood there, clueless of what to do, when I decided I might as well teach myself how to die.

Shailene POV

I have loved skating since a very young age. My parents say I am an angel when I skate, and I have difficulty in believing them. I have fallen multiple times, and am working extremely hard to perfect my moves.

As I glide across the ice, I look around, and see a tall handsome boy, struggling to walk across the ice. I chuckle slightly, skating over to him.

He slips and falls on his face. He groans. I laugh a little more before going over to help him.

I hold out my hand, making him look up at me. Unsure of himself, he grips my hand and stands up. When he's in an upright position, he grabs my other hand to keep himself steady. I then realise that he's close to three inches taller than me.

"You might wanna learn how to skate," I advise, once he's looking at me. He chuckles, nodding.

"I knew that before I came. My friends refuse to teach me," he sighs, making me snort. He looks up, puzzled as to why I'm laughing.

"No, it's just that. Your friends are Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort right?" I ask. He nods, looking even more confused than before.

"Yeah, well... They're not very good skaters either," I say, holding in a laugh as I point in the direction of Ansel, who had fallen on is butt, and Miles who was struggling to help Ansel up. What weaklings. He laughs loudly.

"Wanna get a snack? I'm done here. Literally fed up!" he exclaims, throwing his hands in the air. "Alright," I reply, following him to the exit.


"So, what's your name?" I ask, as we sit at a table outside the rink and eat the plate of French fries we ordered. "My name is very looooooong," he says, stretching out the o. Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis. Call me Theo," he says. I stare at him in shock. Theodore... Theo?

"Hmm... My name is Shailene. Shailene Diann Woodley to be precise! Call me Shai," I say, holding my hand out for him to shake.

"Well Shailene Diann Woodley, you're a pretty damn good skater, I must admit," Theo raises his eyebrows.

"Yeah well, I've been doing it since I was seven," I blush a little.

"Where do you live?" He asks, dipping his fry in ketchup and biting it, looking up at me expectantly.

"Oh, me? Well, you know the Dunkin Donuts at the end of this street. Yeah. You take a left there, and my house is the third on the right," she smiles. "What about you?"

"Shai, looks like you have a new neighbour."

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