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Hey everyone (if anyone is here 🧐) so I'm just going to let you know a few things.

1: NOTHING except the storyline is mine unless told otherwise. Miraculous ladybug belongs to Jeremy Zag and Spiderman belongs to Marvel or Sony I don't know anymore.

2: I'm new to writing and all that so constructive criticism is helpful if I make any mistakes!

3: I don't have an actual schedule it's just when I feel like it. Lord knows about my YouTube channel I haven't updated in 3 months.

4: Let me know if you have any ideas for stories I'm bad at thinking of them.

5: If there are any trigger warnings I will put them at the beginning. When it starts it will have a ⚠️ and when it finishes it will have a 🌸.

6: If you have any requests you can put them here I do not do smut, self-harm, suicide, or rape anything else feel free to request!

So yeah that's it bye!
- Rebel

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