Chapter 21 : To Make You Feel Better

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Your breath hitched all of a sudden while trying to compose yourself, now slowly getting up from the ground. The chills of the cold night managed to make your legs feel slightly numb, but it is mostly because you still couldn't believe that you had just encountered the first ever demon to exist in this world.

Leaning your head against the near wall for a moment, you tried to consume the event that had just occured. It felt like a literal nightmare that came to life, encountering the creature that you were supposed to avoid at all cost.

After your hands stopped trembling, you walk slowly out of the alley way while still feeling alert with your surroundings. Who knows when the medicine will stop from burning that demon's skin. Other than to work as your personal medicine, it was also made to distract that creature from killing you anyway.

Besides, Muzan said it himself that this is not the last time you two will meet.

Out of nowhere, your gaze fell to a certain creature in the distance that was flying towards your figure, who had just got out of the small path. It had some things dangling on its beak. Though only glancing at it for a split second, you already knew what or who it is.


Your trustworthy crow landed itself onto your shoulder, a roll of small bandage and a rather medium-sized glass bottle with a small keychain attached to it dangling on his beak.

He brought you the things to ensure that your bruises from earlier won't get worse in order for you to continue to enjoy the festival with your friends. The crow secretly feeling relieved that you didn't get injured as badly as he thought.

"You need it, CAW! And this was from her too." He said while bringing the objects he brought to the palm of your hands.

"I.. I never thought that she even asked you to bring these directly to me.. Wait, have you been following me?.. How did you..?"

Inserting the new glass bottle Koiku brought into your haori's pocket, you wrapped the bandage around your wrist that got scratched slightly. It was not severe, but it left a few marks that can be easily noticed by anyone.

You just dislike the thought of your friends getting worried and start to ask you many questions regarding on how you got the wound.

After you gave your thanks to your Kasugai crow, he only nodded as a response before decided to flew away, leaving your figure alone to get back to your friends who, unbeknownst to you, are still worried regarding your whereabouts.


The male was exhausted from running around to many different directions, only to find no one he and his friends were desperate to look for.

"Did you see her anywhere?" He asked to his friends, his dark colored eyes displaying worry for the girl that went missing a few moments ago.

They all only stood before shaking their head, telling the burgundy-haired male that they didn't see any particular sight of the girl.

"We didn't see her, Tanjirou.." Zenitsu stated in between his heavy breathing, just as exhausted as everyone else. Running from one stand to another, especially when there were this many crowds during a late night festival.

Tanjirou glanced at his sister who also helped them to try and find the (H/C)-haired girl, but only to realize that Nezuko was frowning as her pink eyes showing as much worries as her brother's.

"Nezuko.." Tanjirou murmured to himself. His heart was clenched seeing his sister's sad look. The latter is really worried about you, as she doesn't want you to leave all of a sudden again after finally having the chance to interact together.

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