Brookelle’s P.O.V.

          Four weeks had come and gone and the time had come where Mason was due any day now. I could literally go into labor at any moment. To be honest I was quite terrified, seeing as this was the first time I’ve ever given birth before but my mom told me that once Mason is out, you don’t care about the pain anymore. All you care about is the newborn baby in your arms, knowing that he’s yours and no one can change that. So I was trying to think on the positive side.

          As of right now, I was in the middle of Babies R Us with Austin, looking at all the precious things to get Mason. Austin insisted on going shopping for him since he hasn’t really had time to yet and he wanted to do it with me so he was sure he made the right decision on things.

          I had gotten many looks from the other shoppers, probably because I was super pregnant and I should be sitting down and not walking around a store but I wasn’t really in any pain right now. Sure I was kind of tired and Mason kept kicking but I decided I would overlook it for now. If I could handle walking around, then I must be okay.

          Austin had picked out an onesie that said something about, “My dad is a rock star!” I didn’t really pay attention to it; I just let Austin do the shopping. He was Mason’s dad after all so he should be a part of things like this. It was kind of cute actually, watching Austin’s eyes light up as he picked something up he liked. The way he scrunched his lips to the side, contemplating on whether or not he really wanted his son to wear something like that.

          I ran my hand through his wavy brown hair and smiled. I missed having him around all the time and now that I was about to deliver our child, it brought us closer together. He looked up at me and gave me his famous lopsided smile that still to this day gives me butterflies.

          “Thanks for messing up my hair.” He said sarcastically, combing his fingers through his hair, acting like he went through a hurricane.

          I rolled my eyes at him, “You’re such a girl, you know that?”

          “If I’m the girl then what does that make you in this relationship?” he challenged. He wore a broad smile on his face even though he kind of stumbled over the word, ‘relationship’. I knew he was referring to our friendship but I still felt the longing pang in my stomach.

          “The girl, still. You just happen to be a girl too so maybe when we’re done here we can go get our hair and nails done.” I smirked before walking down the next aisle full of ten different types of pacifiers and baby bottles.

          “That-” he called after me, “was so not cool.”

          I laughed, taking a baby blue pacifier off the hook and examining it. “Better apply some cold water on that burn.”

          He was walking up to me when he stopped dead in his tracks, his mouth forming a small, ‘O’ before returning to a smile. “You got jokes today.”

          I nodded, a giggle escaping my lips. I was about to hand the pacifier to him so we would have an extra when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, causing me to drop the pacifier. I doubled over in pain and clutched my stomach with both hands. My first thought was that it was just Mason moving around and trying to get comfortable but I had never felt this pain before and something told me that this was completely different than any other type of pain I had experienced this entire pregnancy. I was going into labor. In the middle of Babies R Us.

          Everything was going in slow motion at one point but now only one thought was going through my mind: that I had to get to the hospital.

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