The Little Modern Guest

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       Once upon a time there was an alien that was exploring our galaxy named Avan which ended up on our planet. Avan wore what looked like an astronaut suit along with a helmet so no one could see any of the features of the alien. Avan noticed that the size of everything that was viewed through the screen of Avan's flight screen of his very small flying saucer was enormous. The reason for that was that in the galaxy that Avan came from everything was very small. Compared to his homeworld planet of Osarn our planet was a gargantuan place to explore. Avan flew undetected and Avan started to see how the animals acted in the wildlife.

     After a couple of days of watching animals Avan then saw a television set out of a store window while flying the diminutive flying saucer and the channel was showing classic songs like Footloose, Shakedown, Eye of the Tiger and many more. Avan liked to see and hear the music as it brought a sense of Joy that was new and refreshing. A few hours after that, Avan ended up entering the household of the Foster family through their chimney. The Foster family was composed of Ray Foster who had a wife named Lydia Foster along with a teenage boy by the name of Morgan Foster. The family had a dog which they named Zorkyn. Zorkyn was a vivid Pug that was loving and affectionate to the Foster family. The dog was aware of the presence of the little modern guest that had flown to the household. Avan and the shop were too small to be seen by the human eye, but the dog knew when Avan was around and was curious to see the small spaceship that went through the house undetected. Avan was able to gain Zorkyn's trust by using the invisible shifting rays which made things move by themselves. By using the shifting rays to move things Avan gave treats to Zorkyn which the dog loved to eat and put the dog snacks box where it was.

      After inspecting the inside of the house Avan went to the chimney of the house to see the backyard. Avan saw that the backyard of the Foster family was very spacious and on the other side of their fence Avan saw through the window of the house the next door neighbor Julie Todisco. Julie was in her late twenties and she was an extremely attractive human being who was very fit. Julie was doing her aerobics routine with music. Avan wanted to hear what Julie was listening to while she was working out. As Avan used his modern technology for exploration purposes he instantly heard the song by Donna Summer entitled "Hot Stuff" which Avan found to be very amusing and the next thing Avan was dancing to the song while the voluptuous Julie was working out. The next song was one by The Pointer Sisters which was entitled "Jump For My Love" which was a very upbeat tune. Later on, Avan went inside the Foster household through the chimney.

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