I grabbed my car keys and slipped on an off white cardigan. Hugh was preparing dinner when I walked into the kitchen.

"Hey." I mumbled.

He turned his attention to me as he stopped chopping some bell peppers. "Leaving already?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I trailed off. "You're acting really weird, Hugh." I blurted. I held my bag strap a little too tightly as I waited for his reply.

"Sorry. I'm just worried about you." He uttered. I thought he wanted to say more but he just left it at that. I wondered what was bothering him. He then went back to chopping. I slowly walked over to him and hugged him from behind.

"Thanks but Charles is my friend too. I want you and Evan to meet him." I nuzzled my face onto Hugh's back. "And I plan on seeing the city with him tomorrow. I want you guys to join us." I looked up to see his expression. His face was impassive while he thought about the idea.

"I have to work tomorrow. We'll catch up at dinner?" He questioned.

"That could work. I'll text you then." I smiled. I hugged him again and let go. "Thank you." I added. Hugh smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. I knew he wasn't okay with it but I made my decision. I was finally living my life and I wanted to start it by spending the rest of the summer with fun activities which included seeing the city without thinking about work all at once.

I kissed Hugh on the cheek and waved him goodbye. I went to my car and started driving to the hotel. When I arrived, a valet assisted me out of my car. He warmly greeted me as I gave him the keys to the car. I entered the building and I really hadn't marveled at how this place was wonderful. The last time I went here was with Wilson. He had hosted a social event with his business partners and suppliers. I was in charge of everything and it was probably one of the most hectic tasks I'd done. But in the end, I was proud with myself that I had pulled it off. The sleepless nights and the frustrations I felt back then were all worth it.

I walked through the lobby as my eyes darted around the place to find Charles. Instantly seeing his blonde mop of hair while he was holding up a newspaper, I looked around for a little girl to be running around but I didn't see Corrine anywhere. I walked up to Charles and it seemed he hadn't noticed me yet since his nose was stuck on an article.

"Hey you." I bent a little to distract him from reading the newspaper.

Charles widened his eyes in surprise and when he saw that it was just me he felt relieved.

"Bloody hell." He mumbled.

I giggled and straightened up. Charles folded the newspaper and put it back on the rack. Noticing that he was looking me up and down, giving out a low whistle.

"What?" I flushed as I was never good at receiving compliments.

"Beautiful as always." He praised.

"Oh stop it." I rolled my eyes but stifled a smile.

Charles was smartly dressed in gray slacks that he paired with a sport coat. He finished it off with a striped button up and a navy blue tie. He looked dashing with his blonde hair that loosely fell on his forehead.

"You've also lost some weight. Let's get you a huge dinner." He chuckled. I was going to protest but he was right. I needed to eat more and I was definitely hungry for food. He placed his hand gently on my back and guided me to the hotel's restaurant. We were seated immediately as Charles made his reservations this morning. A server brought us the menu and left to give us a few minutes to choose. The menu offered a variety of dishes from all over the world. There were Asian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, European cuisine... you name it, they had a little of everything.

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